Business Driven PMO: Don't Sell the PMO!

The idea of “Selling the PMO” is an approach that has caused untold damage leading many PMOs to execution difficulties and others to outright failure.
Today’s PMOs are all about achieving the business results for which they were created to serve. This must see webinar will discuss why you should never sell the PMO and shed light on the problems that quickly appear when a “Selling the PMO” mindset is at play.
While justifying the PMO is always a requirement, many organizations go about it the wrong way. Though the PMO exists to meet the needs of the business, to many PMO enthusiasts it can appear as if the needs of the business exist to meet the need for a PMO. This webinar will provide:
  • Techniques to avoid the “Selling the PMO” mindset
  • A business-driven approach to the consideration of a PMO

  • A real life case example of how to effectively engage the executive team in the considerations for the PMO

A “Selling the PMO” mindset can quickly result in an inwardly focused PMO. A glance is no doubt given to the needs of the business, but it is often a cursory look. With advice and perspectives from those that might have a predetermined disposition, a bias, or just a satisfying experience elsewhere, considerable time and money can be expended prior to the train running off the track. This webinar will help you keep your PMO considerations and initiatives on the right track and driven by the needs of the business.

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"It is best to keep your mouth shut and be presumed ignorant than to open it and remove all doubt."

- Mark Twain



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