Dispelling Myths About Scaling Agile Projects (slides)

The Agile scaling myth goes something like this: “Agile development works well for smaller projects, but doesn’t scale to larger ones.” Which raises questions like: “At what size does delivering value to customers fail to be important?” and “Can large organizations afford to be inflexible, rigid, and unresponsive?” The obvious answers to these questions are: customer value is always important, and agility is an imperative for organizations both large and small. How to achieve agility with larger projects is the relevant question.

This webinar provides a framework for how to deliver on larger projects by focusing on three key issues: how to adapt practices and processes as complexity (size is one complexity factor) and uncertainty increase; how to focus teams on the critical issue of customer value (large teams often get lost in complexity and lose track of the project’s goals), and how to scale from single self-organizing, collaborative teams to of self-organizing, collaborative teams of teams. This webinar also demonstrates how ThoughtWorks Studios' tool Mingle can be used to support delivery of larger programs of work while remaining adaptive, enabling users to focus on value and supporting collaboration at all levels of delivery.

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"Try not to have a good time...this is supposed to be educational."

- Charles Schultz