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Virtual Product & Program Launches: 3 Critical Success Factors

Any significant launch, whether it’s a commercial product launch or a large-scale internal release, needs serious exposure to the right audience to get off the ground quickly. It’s that crucial first impression that can make or break months of effort.

So how do you reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time? You do it virtually – leveraging proven best practices.

A virtual launch is not just a new alternative, doing it the right way means:

·         A significantly broader reach among your specific target audience,

·         In a way that is not travel or time-dependent,

·         At a speed not possible with other communications technologies

Virtual events also provide reporting to measure ROI and prove value for your program.  In short, virtual events help accelerate your ‘go-to-market.’  

In this webcast you will be exposed to best practices around:

  • Facing common challenges with virtual product launches
  • Features to look for in virtual technologies
  • Extending virtual communication far beyond the launch
  • All of these interwoven with real life examples

Take your product launch to the next level by implementing a dynamic virtual strategy!   Register and join us for this complimentary webcast.

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