Project HEADWAY: Is There Anything New Under the Sun? Opening Up the View of PM


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When we think about how project management is formally defined, a lot of it feels awfully familiar. Our standard get updated periodically, but their essential structure and content has remained unchanged for more than twenty years. New updates of software get released every couple of years, but they function and feel pretty much the same as they have always done.

And yet the business environment that projects operate within has changed considerably in the same time period. The economic realities are very different than they were even five years ago. Corporate cultures have evolved, a new generation is entering the work force with very different expectations, and our everyday technical landscape is continuing to change incredibly rapidly.

So what is new in the world of project management? What needs to change about how we think about managing projects today, and what we need to be bringing to the project landscape? In this presentation, Mark Mullaly explores what is changing in the world of project management, and why. He considers what this means not just for the discipline of project management but for individual practitioners. He suggests a blueprint for continued professional development in order to be relevant in the projects and organizations of today, and tomorrow.

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