Project HEADWAY: The Strategic PM: Aligning our Projects with the Organization


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Projects are a significant source of change for organizations. They fundamentally influence how the operations of an organization evolves, and are the means by which the strategy of the organization is implemented. In a perfect world, the projects that are initiated are the direct result of our strategic plans: the strategic plan articulates the direction and means by which the organization will realize its goals, and define the projects required to deliver on the intended results.

For most of us, however, we don't live in that world. Strategy gets developed, but defines direction in broad brushstrokes. Projects happen. Alignment at times seems questionable, but we deliver on them anyway because someone told us to. And yet, if we thought about our projects more strategically, we might be more successful securing support and they might in turn have a greater impact on the organization.

This presentation provides the project manager with a primer in how to think strategically about projects. It provides guidance about what questions to ask at the beginning of a project to ensure a project is strategically aligned as possible. It gives a framework for thinking about potential strategic linkages and how best to support them. And it provides a framework for evaluating project success that express impacts in strategic terms. If you are managing a significant project, or want the impact of your project to be more significant, then this presentation will help provide the tools to succeed.

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