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How Requirements Repositories and Reusability can Help Achieve a Competitive Advantage

What does a requirement look like? Is there a standard structure for them beyond just "one line on your spreadsheet"? Requirements information varies a LOT in structure. How the information is used and "who needs to use it" varies a lot as well. At some point there are much better ways to manage them then on that spreadsheet you've been using. Working with a repository can be good for your company and GREAT for your career. Find out more through this webinar which will address how a repository can be used to supercharge your requirements management efforts:

- KEY Best practices for Business Analysis

- Easily building a clear business case for a Requirements repository

- Typical requirements repository challenges and how to overcome them like a hero

- Clearly link requirements to the business strategy

- Reuse requirement components so you're not always starting from scratch

Speaker: Keith Ellis, CEO of Enfocus Solutions Inc.

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