Project HEADWAY: Politics & Process: A Guide To Establishing Strategic Alignment


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We know that our projects are supposed to be responsive to organizational strategy, and should represent the top priorities of the organization. In other words, projects should be aligned. Yet establishing alignment is often dismissed as ‘doing portfolio management.’

Portfolio management is certainly one mechanism by which organizations endeavour to establish strategic alignment. By no means is it the only one, however. Many organizations do not adopt portfolio management as a practice. Some do only for specific parts of the organization, or for specific types of projects. For some, portfolio management is less focussed on strategic alignment then on solving operational issues around resourcing and prioritizing customer demands.

In all instances, strategic alignment is critical if projects are the mechanism by which strategy is implemented. That means that strategy needs to shape and influence what projects are chosen and initiated. That also means that projects (and their managers) need to understand where a project fits organizationally, and what value it is expected to deliver.

In this webinar, Mark Mullaly explores what project managers really need to know about ensuring priority and understanding alignment. He examines what organizations should have in place to make appropriate project decisions. More importantly, he explores what project managers need to ask and understand to confirm the priority of any individual project. If you manage projects in organizations, this presentation will provide insight today into how to better manage alignment tomorrow.

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