Project HEADWAY: Career Development & You


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You became a project manager, possibly on purpose, and possibly by accident. Regardless, here you are. Now what? Where are you going from here? Where CAN you go?

Project management can be a fascinating, multifaceted and challenging career. The options are enormous, the projects are interesting and challenging and the sky is the virtual limit. Sometimes. At other times, the options can feel constrained, the projects can feel routine and repetitive and a whole different kind of ceiling can confront us. 

Career development involves finding the necessary intersection between the skills that we have, the opportunities that we want and the work that is available. For many of us, defining what that intersection looks like—let along finding it—can be a considerable challenge.

In this webinar, Mark Mullaly takes a critical look at the principles of career development in a project world. He explores what it means to be a project manager in today’s economy and career environment. Most importantly, he identifies the options available within a project career path, what is required to take advantage of them and how you can best position yourself for success.

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