Project HEADWAY: Building The PM Organization


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So you want to improve your project management. And hire some project managers. What works and what wastes time in building effective project management organizations? How do you find good project managers, and how do you manage expectations to ensure they best deliver value?

Not all organizations are equal, nor do they have the same project management requirements. This means that how project management is implemented—and what it ultimately looks like—will also vary considerably. The challenge for any manager or executive is deciding what the key requirements are and how to implement them. We need determine what capabilities are required, what they should look like, how robust and formal they should be and how to manage their introduction and implementation.

In this webinar, Mark Mullaly explores the challenge of creating  project management organizations that work well and deliver value. He identifies the key variables that drive value, the questions to ask to determine appropriate strategies and the approaches to take to manage development and implementation. Mark  leverages research, organizational examples and several decades of experience to outline what it truly takes to implement effective and value-adding organizational capabilities.

If you are challenged within your organization to build a more effective approach—or you find the approach of your organization challenging—this is a webinar you won’t want to miss.

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