Project HEADWAY: Working Out Loud: Making Progress Visible


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One of the largest challenges that we have as project managers is communication. We need to build awareness of our projects, maintain visibility of our progress and maintain the focus of our project teams. And yet the tools by which we plan and visualize our projects have barely changed in more than 50 years. We need to reinvent the way we think about and illustrate our projects and our progress.

A significant challenge is that historically we’ve built tools primarily for the project manager. Gantt charts, budget documents and even network diagrams (for all of their visual power) often wind up sitting in the files—virtual or physical—of the project manager. They are less visible to the team. In some instances, the team may not even see them.

Shifts in technology, culture and expectations are changing how we think about collaboration, and how we think about communications. That creates new opportunities for us to refocus and reinvent how we think about working in teams, and working on projects. “Working out loud” is about finding ways to make information visible, available and current. It’s also about finding the right level of detail, and the right communication channels, so that people aren’t overwhelmed and critical information doesn’t get lost in a deluge of unfiltered data.

This webinar explores what’s desirable, what’s possible and what’s practical in collaborating and information sharing in today’s projects. It not only explores technology, but also process and mindset, to re-think and re-imagine how we might work going forward. You’ll get new perspectives, new ideas and techniques that you can put in practice with your team tomorrow.

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