Project HEADWAY: Reinventing Portfolio Management


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Portfolio management has been around for several decades. And while we equate it with strategic decision making and prioritization, that isn’t where it started, and it isn’t its greatest source of value. Our perception of portfolio management has evolved in response to organizational challenges and perceived opportunities, and is arguably still somewhat of a moving target. While that’s a legacy of how it has been historically defined, it raises a fundamental question: if we invented portfolio management today, would it still look the same?

This webinar puts portfolio management under the microscope. It explores where portfolio management originally came from, and how it has evolved to the set of practices we understand today. It also explores the question of what organizations actually need to support their strategic and organizational choices, and manage their organizational priorities and changes.

How we manage is malleable. We can adopt (and should) adopt the right tools for the right reasons, and we should be willing to change them when they aren’t working for us (or never did). Explore where portfolio management helps, and why. Understand where portfolio management struggles, and the reasons for that. Learn new perspectives about portfolio management and how we might rethink it for our current organizations, our current environment and our current level of change.

If you are involved in defining, recommending or advising on how organizations make change, this is a webinar you won’t want to miss.

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