Project HEADWAY: Program Management for Dummies


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The idea of program management has been around for a while. What it is, how it works and what it is supposed to do, however, has evolved over time.

To a certain extent, how program management is defined depends upon whom you ask. It depends in part on how they encountered it, and the problem that was attempting to be solved at the time. It can be viewed as a single large project by some. Others view it as a way to get a bunch of related smaller projects organized. Still others consider it a way to think about a complex change. And some view it as a different ‘level’ of thinking, somewhere between operational and strategic.

At its core, however, program management is not esoteric or abstract or alien. It is a set of practical and relevant tools and practices to solve some real and important organizational problems. These tools were devised for a reason, and—used well—they continue to pragmatically make sense.

In this presentation, Mark Mullaly takes us back to the essence of what program management is, and what it means to be a program manager. It explores where program management came from, and what it was intended to address. The webinar explores the challenges that were present when program management was conceived, and the challenges that continue to be present in taking a program approach. Finally, it considers how to practically consider and apply the principles of program management in the real world.

If you manage programs, you might manage programs or aren’t sure if you manage programs, this is the webinar that will help it all to make sense.

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