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Project HEADWAY: A Guide To Getting Started for the New PMO Manager


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Congratulations! You’re the new manager of a PMO. 

But where do you start? What should you be focussing on? Should you be building process, finding technology, sourcing workshops or out talking to stakeholders? What are the priorities? What’s necessary for success? And how do you make sense of the challenge before you?

Transitioning into a new role is always stressful and challenging. It’s exciting and full of opportunity as well, of course. Our challenge is to tackle the transition in a way that allows us to be successful, to deliver on the expectations being made of us and to be able to continue to thrive.

The management of a PMO is its own unique and interesting experience. The creation of a PMO represents a change to the structure, the politics and the power dynamics of the organization. It is also often a reaction to crisis or a reaction to previous problems. This amplifies expectations, and means anyone stepping into the role often has a high hurdle to clear. 

Even as you celebrate your promotion, expectations are being created. Responding to and managing those expectations is going to be critical to your on-going success. In this webinar, Mark Mullaly explores the reality, the challenges and the opportunities that face the new PMO manager. He explores the dynamics at work in the organization, and what needs to be done to establish, to build and sustain an effective PMO. This presentation provides the new PMO manager with a guide to setting goals, setting direction and ultimately seeing success.

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