Project HEADWAY: It’s About The People, Stupid


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Executives and managers get excited about transformation. Whether that’s about developing a digital strategy, championing improvements or finding efficiencies, change efforts abound. The promises made are significant, and the investments are large as well.

Every change effort succeeds or fails, however, based on the support of people. Transformation is not abstract. Change does not happen in a vacuum. Every successful transition fundamentally depends on one thing: encouraging, persuading and supporting people to change their behaviour. It doesn’t matter how good the process, how cutting edge the technology or how rational the reason for making change in the first place. If people don’t see the wisdom and benefit of working in a different way, it won’t happen.

This webinar explores what it takes to genuinely build an effective case for change, and to follow through in actually getting traction in your transformation efforts. He explores the challenges associated with traditional change efforts, and what needs to happen if change is truly embraced. More specifically, he identifies the strategies that are necessary to define, communicate and sustain any change effort if it is going to be successful.

Join us to explore the strategies that required to make your transformation successful. We might just change how you think about change.

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"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

- Albert Einstein