Project HEADWAY: Why Does Technology Get In The Way?


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Technology has huge promises, particularly in terms of project management. People have been building software to manage projects better for pretty much the last five decades.

Despite this, we typical struggle as project managers to use technology well. Part of this is a challenge of what the software does. Part of this is a product of how it is implemented. And part of it is a product of how we try to use (or not use) what gets put in place.

Technology can be a huge enabler to project management, or it can be a giant anchor weighing down how projects get done. Ironically, the same software can figure in both of these scenarios. Part of the challenge of management projects well depends on the software that you buy. A lot more depends on our actions, behaviours and expectations.

This webinar dives into the world of project management technology. It explores what works, what doesn’t work and what needs to change if we’re going to use technology effectively. It looks at the barriers that exist within the technology, as well as the barriers that we often create within our organizations.

If you’re trying to manage projects well, and are fervently hoping, needing or wanting technology to help to make that happen, you’ll want to join us for this one.

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