Project HEADWAY: Culture Shapes Everything


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To hear project management described, it is a universal practice that can be universally adopted. The reality is very different. Organizations that parachute practices from other organizations—no matter how similar on paper—most typically fail. And the biggest reason that they fail is a failure to appreciate and take into consideration organizational culture.

What makes the adoption of implementation of practices work is a combination of two things: practices that are appropriate to the organization, and willingness of the organization to adopt the practices being proposed. This requires a level of flexibility, understanding and adaptability if a change is to work (any change, not just implementing project management).

The right practices are often a combination of what has been proven elsewhere, what works here today and what changes can realistically be understood, adopted and embraced. That creates very different expectations for how process is defined, how it is implemented and how it is rolled out and championed.

This presentation explores the questions to be asked and the approaches to be taken in appropriately keeping culture front and center in your project management implementation. It identifies the challenges that are typically, the strategies that have been proven to work and the considerations necessary to adapt those strategies to your organization.

If you are trying to implement project management process—or you are being affected by someone else’s process expectations—this is the presentation for you.

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