Project HEADWAY: Disrupting Project Management


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Let’s be honest: disruption is a hot topic. The mantra of Silicon Valley is “move fast and break things.” Disruption is about rethinking and restructuring in radical new ways that unlock very different results and very different levels of value. So what happens if we disrupt project management? What would that look like? What would emerge out the other side? And will we recognize it when it does?

Theoretically, project management has been around for millennia. While we have arguably done projects for a long time, however, the roots of modern project management are actually much shallower. What we recognize as modern project management only emerged in the 1950s. In many ways, it can be argued that it hasn't changed much since then. Many of the practices developed and innovated in that time period are still adopted wholesale today.

In theory, then, project management should be a discipline that's ripe for disruption. In this webinar, Mark Mullaly dives into project management as it's defined, and explores how it helps and how it hinders. He examines where opportunities for disruption potentially exist, what is already being done and what might be waiting in the wings in the very near future. Most importantly, he imagines what it would take (and what it would look like) if project management were to radically evolve. 

Whether you're a fan of project management as it's currently practiced, or you desperately wish it would evolve, you'll want to check out this webinar. You are bound to be challenged. You might even be disrupted. How you think about project management will most assuredly be different.

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