Project HEADWAY: Getting BAs and PMs to Talk the Same Language


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There is a lot of overlap between the worlds of business analysis and project management. There should be a great deal of alignment in how they work, and a great deal of cooperation in how they deliver effective results.

And yet, similar concepts get addressed in different ways. What should be aligned and integrated sometimes feels very separate and distinct. Bridging this divide involves recognizing the overlapping, acknowledging the differences and tackling the language problem that exists between the two domains.

In this webinar, Mark Mullaly dives into the chasm that still separates the worlds of business analysis and project management. He explores where there are similarities and where there are differences. In particular, he examines where differences are a result of perspective, of practise or just of how we talk about things. Most importantly, he offers constructive and concrete suggestions of how to bridge the divide, and get everyone on the same page and talking the same language.

Whether you are a BA, a PM or have your feet in both camps, you'll want to check out this webinar. Not only will it broaden your vocabulary, but it will expand your perspective of the how BAs and PMs can and should relate to each other differently.

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