Project Management

Project HEADWAY: The Bleeding Edge of Project Management: What Does It Look Like?


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In the cosmic scheme of business and management, project management is a relatively new discipline. Much of what we know as modern project management was formulated in the 1950s and codified in the following couple of decades.

While a great deal has changed in organizations, project management as it is defined has been relatively stable. There has been some evolution, but not a great deal of revolution. That raises a fairly significant question: Where will project management go from here? What will it look like? Is there a bleeding edge to modern practice, and what does it actually look like?

This presentation casts an eye to the future of project management. It explores life at the outer edges of practice, and examines where innovations are most likely to occur, and what form those innovations are likely to take.

If you're curious about where this is all going, you won't want to miss this presentation.

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