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Project HEADWAY: Volunteer Project Management


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It is one thing to get paid to be a project manager. It is a whole other thing to do it for free. Volunteering as a project manager can be a source of satisfaction and joy, as you contribute your talents and skills to a meaningful cause. It can also be a source of frustration. The reasons for that are many, but the consequences can be the same: frustration, resentment and potentially ultimately withdrawal.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The challenge is one principally of understanding and communication. Knowing how you can best provide value is important. Having your value understood is equally necessary. That doesn’t mean, however, that what you do on a volunteer basis is going to look the same, feel the same or be the same as what you do at work.

This presentation looks at how project management can provide value in volunteer contexts, and how project managers can think better about their volunteer roles. It gives guidance on how to offer your skills, how to approach the organizations you support and what to do when you’re actually helping to get stuff done.

If you are currently a volunteer or you are thinking that volunteering your time and skills might be worthwhile in the future, this is a webinar that you won’t want to miss.

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