Since ProjectManagement.com (formerly gantthead) launched in 2000, it has been bringing project managers together, with discussion boards, Q&A, blogs, wikis and more. But now we're moving to an even greater level of connection by bringing you an enhanced networking system. There are over 550,000 of you registered on ProjectManagement.com. We thought it was about time you got to know one another.

What's my Public Profile?
When you registered for ProjectManagement.com, you gave us some identifying information. Your Public Profile allows you to share that information-and more-with your fellow ganttheads. You'll find a new link on the navigation bar of ProjectManagement.com that will take you to your Public Profile.

What kind of information can I put in my Public Profile?
You can introduce yourself to other ganttheads, post your resume, tell everyone what your special skills are and what kinds of projects you're working on. We'll also keep track of your contributions on ProjectManagement.com, so you can see your questions, answers, discussion postings, article reviews and more.

Who's going to see this?
That's up to you. When you set up your profile, you'll have the option to keep your profile private to ProjectManagement.com users, or to people in your gantthead Network. You can even hide it completely if that's what you choose to do.

Wait a minute...I have a ProjectManagement.com Network?
You do now. Once your Public Profile is set up, you can invite other ProjectManagement.com members to join your network and exchange profile information. You can see what projects they've been doing and their interests and site activity. There's also a place for you to post a recommendation for someone you know or may have worked with before. And they can recommend you, too. You can even contact them directly through the ProjectManagement.com message system.

There's a ProjectManagement.com message system?
Right. Your profile also gives you access to an inbox on ProjectManagement.com. This is just for messages among you and other ganttheads. It's a convenient way to invite people to join your network, send personal messages to each other, and ask a specific question to a specific person.

How do I find people to connect to?
You can find other ProjectManagement.com members posting in discussions, writing blogs, editing wikis, writing reviews and comments. Clicking on other members' names will take you to their personal profiles, where you can request to connect with them. You can also search for ProjectManagement.com members by name, location, industry, job function or project management expertise. You can also collaborate with people interested in similar topics by joining a GIG.

What are these "PMpoints" that I see next to my name?
Those are your PMpoints. Now when you participate on ProjectManagement.com, by leaving comments, reviewing content, posting on discussions and stuff like that, you'll get points that will give you the recognition you deserve. As you get more points, you move up the levels. It's all explained in detail here.

Is this where you ask for money?
Nope. The Public Profile is part of every ProjectManagement.com membership. It's there waiting for you to set it up and show the rest of our community who you are.

Why should I set this up?
Because the more people with profiles, the stronger the network will become. We already have a thriving, active community on ProjectManagement.com. By launching a Public Profile, you'll be helping ProjectManagement.com build the project management network that the whole industry can benefit from. It's win-win 550,000 times over.


"Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, feeling, and instinct, not by rule."

- Samuel Butler



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