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I can count on vision and initiative as a person and professional in the companies where I have the opportunity to work and apply my experience and knowledge, always demonstrating willingness, dedication and commitment to do things well. Ability to direct and manage work teams and accomplish assigned tasks. I am very keen to work, to be able to continue applying my knowledge, to learn every day and to continue to grow as a professional and person.

I am passionate about technology, Agile, Scrum, change management, planning, project management, and thinking outside the box.

Accountant/Finance Officer with 10 Years experience in INGO / Healthcare sector. Holder of a Master's degree in Financial Management and BSc degree in Accounting. I have earned the PMP certification. I'm also a Certified Forensic Investigation Professional (CFIP). Aspiring to earn CPA certification.

Trainer, speaker & coach. Proficient at dispelling the fog surrounding project management & agile. My passion is helping practitioners to elevate their capabilities for delivering value to their customers. I've helped over 150 companies spanning multiple industries achieve their strategic goals by executing the right projects in the right way. Specialties: Project Management, Agile, Project Portfolio Management, Training, Risk Management, Governance

Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA Canada) A dedicated Career Coach, Agile Trainer and certified Senior Portfolio and Project Management Professional holding a bachelor’s degree in Structural Engineering and over 15 years of professional experience in Professional Development / Career Coaching, Portfolio/Program/Project Management, Construction Management, and Business Development. RMK Website: RMK Coaching

More than 30 years working on helping organizations to use their knowledge and structures to get in position to respond quickly to the changing environment and even to create changes in the environment in order to survive, growth and develop.

I am an expert in delivering value to business through project and program management. I can help * individuals as coach and mentor in developing a reputation and career in project management * organizations in defining project management structures as PMOs and program management * students with training to universities and businesses * turning around projects in trouble My comments represent my own personal view and do not constitute any statement or information on behalf of PMI

Ability to get things done, high expectations, with over 40 years experience in the construction industry as owner's representative, consultant and contractor. Worked extensively in both the private and public sectors across Canada. I have a special interest in project delivery models including: traditional Design-Bid-Build; Design-Build; and Construction Management as well as the lessor known Integrated Lean Project Project Delivery (ILPD) and Risk-Driven Project Delivery.

Experienced product and project management professional with in-depth insights on leading project management frameworks both adaptive (Agile) and predictive. Founder at Project Management Research Institute. Domain expert at Wrench Solutions.

Project manager with experience in risk, IT requirement development, financial planning for future programs. I am interested in your experience in moving a traditional team to Agile project management.

Let's connect: * P3M, Strategy & SocMedia Best Practices Guru. * Author, Say Yes to Project Success: * Leadership, Strategy & PMO Best Practices expert. * @KarthikPMO is on Evan Carmichael's "Top 100 Leadership Experts to Follow on Twitter" PMI Volunteer Leader since 2005. President, PMI Chennai (2009-13). PMI Ethics MAG (17-19) PMI Ethics Insight Tean (20-22) * 20+ sessions at PMI Global events.

An expert in technology and engineering with a wealth of experience in driving business growth and cost savings within global environments. A track record of delivering best pracce projects (FMEA, Quality, ISO Auding, Tesng and Benchmarking) and developing technical and commercial proposals for a vari- ety of RFP’s. A strength in building relaonships, trust and engaging with a variety of stakeholders, sup- pliers and senior leaders (Directors) alongside adaptable communicaon that can translate complex messages, influence and negoate posive outcomes. A natural leader who can manage and develop high performing teams. A proven ability to organize, priorise and plan ensuring deadlines and budgets are met within pressurised environment


IT Strategy, Leadership & Project Management Executive – Loves innovating Solutions, Infrastructure and Operations. Check out my Linkedin

Senior Project Manager | Leading teams in developing solutions to business problems

If you're going to be a project manager anyway, you might as well have fun doing it.

I am Aditi Bhalla(CAPM). By Profession , I am a Scrum Master. By Hobby I like cooking and content making

Certified Project Manager Professional PMP® with 10+ years of experience. As a person, I have a positive outlook on life and am full of energy. I enjoy connecting with people, understanding what their drivers are and empowering them to achieve both personal and company goals. My focus is on organizing tasks and projects in such a way that targets are achieved to fully satisfy expectations of all stakeholders.

Project Management capabilities includes scope planning, estimation, resource planning, project planning, risk management, change control process and quality control Strong team-building and collaborative talents, including maintaining communication with stakeholders at multiple levels.

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"More than any time in history mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness, the other to total extinction. Let us pray that we have the wisdom to choose correctly."

- Woody Allen



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