Project Management


The strength of the community is due in large part to the participation of its members. We've decided it's about time you got some recognition for everything you do to support the community. Beginning September 1, 2007, you'll be accumulating activity points for your contributions to The number of points you have is your "PMpoints" and is displayed on your Public Profile. Here's how it works.

Every time you contribute to, you'll get a number of points. The more points you have, the more recognition you'll get. For example, you get points for:

  • Setting up your Public Profile,
  • Posting questions and answers in gantthead discussions,
  • Rating content,
  • Reviewing content,
  • Commenting on blogs,
  • Creating and modifying wikis, etc.
Note: For certain actions (like rating content), there are limits to how many points you can earn in a day. Your points do not always accumulate in real-time; don't worry, they will be credited to your account within a day or two.

Once you reach a certain number of PMpoints you can earn privileges like starting your own blog on or participating in surveys and focus groups to help us in future development of the community. Soon you will also be able to use your points towards discounts on

You may notice that some Public Profiles don't have PMpoints, but they will be identified as SMEs or staff. The Subject Matter Experts are the members who oversee our departments and help us in content development. " staff" are the people behind the scenes, making all of this work.

If you have been active on, you probably already have points accumulated. We've already added those up for you and put them in your Public Profile. We're always in favor of a head start.

Thanks, as always, for being an active part of the community.


"Let us be thankful for fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed."

- Mark Twain