BOB WEINSTEIN has been a journalist/writer for more than 35 years, covering the workplace marketplace for 20 of those years. He has worked for daily and weekly newspapers, monthly trade and consumer magazines, and has written 14 popular career books, including 140 High-Tech Careers, Resumes Don't Get Jobs, How To Get a Job in Hard Times, Who Says There Are No Jobs Out There? and most recently, I Hate My Boss!

Twenty years ago, Bob launched the weekly syndicated column, "Tech Watch," which was picked up and distributed by King Features Syndicate, one of the largest newspaper syndicates in the world, for six years. Now it is self-syndicated. "Tech Watch" was one of the first career columns to cover the technology industry, and it appears in large daily newspapers throughout the United States. Bob was managing editor of JOBS MAGAZINE, which covers all of Southern California. His articles, interviews and columns have appeared in The Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsday, the New York Daily News, Business Week's Career Guide, Family Circle, Readers Digest, Entrepreneur, and Crain's New York Business, to name a few. He now writes and edits a weekly Sunday workplace section for four Hearst Media newspapers in Connecticut. His new book, "SO WHAT IF I'M 65" will be released in both paper and E-editions in mid-September, 2014. A blog on the subject, appropriately titled SO WHAT IF I'M 65, will be live soon,

Talk to me - please!
As the new editor of the career development department, I promise better, timely and, when possible, controversial stories that fire-up your gray cells, and get you thinking or even ticked off because you violently disagree with me.

You can look forward to stories about real PMs doing neat and innovative things.

My goal is to breathe new life into this section. I approach the workplace as a "beat," rather than a dry subject bloated with HR- and corporate-speak and heavy-handed jargon.

But to make all of the above happen, I need your help. Talk to me. Let me know what you are thinking. If there is something special going on in your city or on your job that's worthy of a story, or if there is a new trend or new thinking that could change the way PMs do their jobs, or if there is an injustice out there that your colleagues ought to know about, e-mail me pronto. I promise to get back to you promptly.