Michael Wood is an accomplished professional in the areas of Business Process Improvement, project management and organizational effectiveness. He offers remote advisory, QA and consultative services on a remote and on-site basis with rates as low as $65 an hour.

Since 2000, Michael has been professional writer, presenter and freelance consultant. In the late 1990s, Michael was the Executive Vice President of Outcomes Management for the Corporation for Standards and Outcomes (CS&O), a leader in the development of outcome-based management methods and Internet applications in the behavioral healthcare industry.

Before joining CS&O, Michael was the CIO for Showboat Operating Co for over 8 years. In addition to his traditional CIO duties, he led the implementation of all technology used at Showboat's properties in Sydney, Australia, and Northwest Indiana.

Michael headed Helix Corporation, during the 1980s where he developed The Helix Methodology, which married organizational improvement, alignment and SDLC tools and techniques into a seamless approach to turning strategy into operational reality. Organizations benefiting from Helix included major companies in the entertainment, aerospace, healthcare, gaming and distribution industries.

As an educator, Michael served as an Adjunct Professor in Pepperdine University's MBA program and as Associate Professor at California Lutheran University. He has conducted workshops and seminars on a national and international basis for organizations like Penton Learning Systems and the California Society of CPAs.

His broad industry background and experience has positioned Mr. Wood as an expert in the field of business process improvement and re engineering, which is the focus of his new book The HELIX Factor: The Key to Streamlining Your Business Processes.

Michael believes successful organizational alignment and business improvement efforts begin with outcome-driven strategies and objectives that can be understood, implemented and measured at the operational level.