I was a one-time aspiring PhD student in philosophy who became disillusioned with the whole tenure process and decided to do something else. I somehow became an owner of several franchise businesses while also teaching myself to program software during my free time and selling it on the side. I found a way to leverage these skills to transition back into the workforce initially as a software developer. This included a short stint in a start-up cutting code for an artificial intelligence call center system, to working for a boutique consulting company developing web applications for Fortune 100 companies.

For a decade since 2007, I was involved in the field of project management initially as corporate employee then as an independent consultant, trainer, coach, educator and writer which included being an instructor at five universities and colleges, writer for several industry publications and event speaker.

I have now come full circle and back to my love of philosophy and my mission now is to articulate this in a manner that is direct, provocative and bold, but that is also literate, erudite and balanced. This will be done primarily through my books as an author and any medium that allows me to write, speak and present, as there is no time in the history of our world where one has more channels to communicate thoughts through words, speech and gestures then now.

This entails that one who philosophizes and is the author of media, is also an educator that should conduct their business affairs as an entrepreneur. That is why I consider myself an A.P.E.E. (Author, Philosopher, Entrepreneur and Educator).

My first published book is titled “I Think, Therefore I Plan: Mastering the methods and meditations of project management”, a book, like my life, that makes you philosophize on the “how” (methods) AND the “why” (meditations) of managing projects in work and life… This book fulfills this need like no other in the industry!

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