Mark has always been very passionate about history and its potential use as an education tool in business today. As a result, he has developed the “lesson-from-history” series,, for organizations applying today's business and technology techniques to common business problems. It is written for primarily business and IT professionals looking for inspiration for their projects. Lessons from the past assist projects of today in shaping the world of tomorrow.

The series uses relevant historical case studies to examine how historical projects and emerging technologies of the past solved complex problems. It then draws comparisons to challenges encountered in today's projects. It outlines the stages involved in delivering a complex project providing a step-by-step guide to the project deliverables. It vividly describes the crucial lessons from historical projects and complements these with some of today's best practices. It makes the whole learning experience more memorable. The series should inspire the reader as these historical projects were achieved with a less sophisticated emerging technology.

Mark has always been interested in tracing the evolution of technology and the 3 industrial revolutions of the last 300 years. Whilst recovering a failed Financial Services project he first used the Titanic analogy to explain to project executives why the project had gone off the rails. The project recovery was going to take 2 years and $8m cost versus the original $2m cost and 1 year duration. Based on the positive insights of this analogy Mark went on to create the series.

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