Summary of Skills
• Excellent combination of technical skills and inter-personal skills; able to design and deliver technical solutions and able to communicate effectively with the business clients
• Experience leading teams and managing projects, knowledge of PMBOK procedures
• Experience in all phases of the SDLC
• Excellent written communications skills – 22 articles published since 1987
• Extensive mainframe development experience: Cobol, DB2, SAS, Easytrieve,MVS/TSO, JCL, Endevor, Xpeditor, FileAid, Ingenium/CAPSIL
• Desktop\Internet development experience: Java (Borland’s JBuilder IDE, NetBeans IDE), HTML, Javascript, Active Server Pages, , SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, Visual dBase
• Demonstrated commitment to the IT profession through research and writing; please see

Work Experience

Manulife Financial, Retail Services
February 2015 – Present / Contract Project Consultant
• Project planning on a major mainframe admin system integration project
• Created WBS, Established relationships with key business stakeholders and external vendors, Drafted Charter, Created Request For Services (RFS) documents, Documented current physical process and data models, Conduct technical research (e.g.: JES3 / JES2, ConnectDirect). Created technical documents describing object naming, data migration, and print architecture strategies.

Sun Life Financial, Application Services
October 2013 – January 2015 / Contract Systems Designer
• Designer/Planner on salesforce data extract project
• Created WBS, Procured resources, Allocated tasks to resources
• Designed and coded (Cobol) in the Ingenium application environment
• Designer on Anti-Money Laundering enhancement project:
• Impact analysis of changes required to PL/1 programs due to expansion of DB2 tables

Manulife Financial, Group Benefits
January 2012 – October 2013, / Contract Systems Designer
• Designer on mainframe IDMS-to-DB2 conversion project:
• Developed a CICS/COBOL/DB2 program that used the CICS SPOOL API to generate a batch job that ran on TSO and produced a complex report for the Underwriters
• Developed online help programs in the CICS/Cobol/DB2 environment; designed tables and program control model
• Tested and debugged complex batch and online Cobol/DB2 programs (Xpediter)
• Replaced factory generated DB2 I/O routines with inline SQL; this was done to leverage the relational features of the DB2 database to ensure acceptable run-time
• Wrote a Cobol program that replaced a complex Assembler program that performs I-O against key system of record VSAM master files
• Use of time: 25% Design, 75% Programming and Testing
• Technical Environment: ZOS/MVS, Cobol, CICS, IDMS, SAS, Xpeditor, FileAid, Endevor, Syncsort, VSAM

Manulife Financial, Waterloo, ON
September 2007 – Present, Contract Systems Designer / Project Leader
• Made a significant contribution to the retirement of a legacy mainframe application. Team lead responsibilities included: writing the scope statement, developing the WBS, developing the schedule, managing task assignments, and running status meetings.
• As team lead, coordinated and delivered five sub-projects during 2008; each sub-project included requirements docs, design docs, QA strategies, testplans, and significant implementation planning. All sub-projects were delivered on time or early.
• Developed a new repository of static historical compensation data; this included an initial prototype based on XML and HTML. Prototype was abandoned in favour of a VB .NET / SQL Server model; I designed and developed both the prototype and the .NET model. In addition to the server components, I developed the mainframe Cobol and SAS programs that extracted and formatted the mainframe data.
• Designed a new mainframe repository of agent data that replaced the legacy IDMS database. Developed the mainframe programs, jobs, and catalogued procedures that transform a Fasat data extract into a VSAM file.
• Made a significant contribution to the conversion of data from a variety of sources into the strategic Advisor SQL Server database; wrote the technical conversion approach document, developed Visual Studio SSIS packages to import data and produce reports; developed the audit and control model.
Use of time: 25% Design, 50% Programming, 25% Team Lead
Technical Environment: OS390/MVS, Cobol, CICS, IDMS, SAS, Xpeditor, FileAid, Endevor, Syncsort, VSAM, Access, Visio, Fasat, XMLSpy, Visual Studio 2005 / VB .NET, SSIS, SQL Server, MS Project

2016297 Ontario Inc, Waterloo, ON
January 2007 – December 2012, Systems Designer
• Developed a web application that allows organizations to record the results of completed IT projects and produces reports that identify project management best practices. System also allows the users to enter the characteristics of planned projects and predicts the probability of project success. Please see
Use of time: 25% Design, 75% Programming,
Technical Environment: NetBeans Java IDE, SQL Server, Crystal Reports XI

Manulife Financial, Waterloo, ON
September 2006 – August 2007, Contract Systems Designer / Project Leader
• Made a significant contribution to the conversion of insurance agents from a legacy mainframe application to the strategic Fasat application. Performed a dual role – designer/programmer on one sub-project and project leader on another sub-project.
• Directed a team that reconfigured the mainframe batch stream to reflect the migration of the compensation function off of the mainframe. Team lead duties included: writing the scope statement, leading a JAD session to develop the Work Breakdown Structure, developing the schedule, managing task assignments, running status meetings, writing the QA strategy, communications to internal and external stakeholders, and presentations to the Control Group. As well, performed lead design role that involved technical analysis of all batch jobs, JCL and programming changes.
• The primary objective was to deliver the project at the same time as a concurrent application development project; this objective was achieved.
• Designed, modeled, and coded major enhancements to a mainframe conversion process.
Use of time: 25% Design, 25% Programming, 50% Team Lead
Technical Environment: OS390/MVS, Cobol, IDMS, SAS, Xpeditor, FileAid, Endevor, Syncsort, VSAM, Access, Visio, Fasat

Equitable Insurance, Waterloo, ON
October 2005 – August 2006 IT Consultant
• Supported the Individual Life Admin (Ingenium) application; investigated and resolved over 25 production defects; many were complex and some had been returned to the Problem Log Database after previous unsuccessful diagnostic efforts.
• Designed and coded a major enhancement to the Ingenium Application Entry and Underwriting functions to facilitate the dynamic invocation of the Medical Information Bureau’s (MIB) web service. This involved extensive Pathfinder changes using Enterprise Designer, fine tuning of Java programs delivered by Solcorp consultants, and designing tables to store the data returned from MIB.
• Performed a detailed technical analysis of Ingenium 6.6 and 6.7 Web Service Models. Produced a Visio diagram that shows the key data and process components that generate the XML elements and connect the Ingenium process to the FASAT web service.
• Designed and coded a key Ingenium online enhancement. This enhancement reduced the time it takes business customers to execute the App. Entry business function. Delivered a cost-effective solution that leveraged an existing Ingenium component. This enhancement involved both PathFinder and Ingenium (CSOM4902) changes.
• Designed and developed an enhancement to the rate lookup function that will display the rate lookup key in the error message when a rate is not found. This enhancement will save developers significant time when performing rate-related diagnostics.
Use of time: 25% Design, 50% Programming, 25% Unit Testing
Technical Environment: Cobol, DB2, HTML, JavaScript, Pathfinder, Enterprise Designer, Solcorp Ingenium, Visio

Manulife Canada, Kitchener, ON
August 2004 – October 2005
Systems Designer (Contract)
• Worked on the conversion of data from the legacy Group Benefits Admin systems to the strategic Vital Objects system
• Developed and supported client/server components in the MS Visual Studio environment – this included developing reports using MS Reporting Services and SQLServer Query Analyzer
• Developed and supported mainframe components that extracted data from the legacy databases and prepared the data for transfer to the strategic database
Use of time: 25% Design, 50% Programming, 25% Unit Testing
Technical Environment: Visual Studio Reporting Services, SQL Server, Visual Basic, Cobol, SAS, Easytrieve, JCL, VSAM, FileAid, Xpeditor, Endevor

Manulife Japan, Kitchener, ON
May 2002 – July 2004
Systems Designer (Contract)
• Made a significant contribution to the development and support of Manulife Japan's Ingenium implementation. This included the delivery of project initiatives, the resolution of production defects, and the development of productivity tools.
• Developed new online components using Solcorp’s PathFinder suite of tools.
• Developed many new batch processes.
• Implemented Ingenium standard Checkpoint\Restart in several batch programs.
• Delivered a detailed analysis of the Ingenium Mutual Funds model (to facilitate the implementation of multi-funding capability), the output included detailed structure charts produced with Visio.
• Created several tools that enhanced the productivity of the development team; these were developed with NT/Rexx, Unix Kornshell, and SPF Macros. These tools automated several procedures; e.g.: software promotes, generation of standard Solcorp Cobol code.
Use of time: 40% Design, 40% Programming, 20% Unit Testing
Technical Environment: MicroFocus suite of Cobol/CICS, DB2, HTML, Pathfinder, Animator, UNIX, SPF/PC, Solcorp Ingenium, Visio

Athena Software, Guelph, ON
May 2004 – March 2005
Programmer (Part-Time, Non-billing, Professional Growth opportunity)
• Coded and unit tested a suite of programs to manage the internal messaging feature of a Client information/Case management software package
Use of time: 75% Programming, 25% Unit Testing
Technical Environment: Java (Borland’s JBuilder IDE), JavaScript, HTML (including Templates), JavaScript, Postgresql RDB

Manulife Financial Canada, Kitchener, ON
June 2000 – May 2002
Systems Designer (Contract)
• Lead designer and programmer on a project that delivered a significant enhancement to the agent compensation system; developed the implementation plan and coordinated implementation. Prior to my involvement the clients had considered outsourcing and/or a manual solution, I alerted the stakeholders to the opportunity and led delivery of the technical solution. This project resulted in “a huge win for Distribution IT” (quote from PM).
• Developed many enhancements to the agent compensation system; e.g.: reduced run-time of key bi-weekly program by 20% through the use of the Strobe performance tool and re-engineering of the main program; this made the online systems available to the users one hour earlier on the day of the pay-run.
Use of time: 40% Design, 50% Programming, 10% Unit Testing
Technical Environment: OS390/MVS, Cobol, IDMS, SAS, Xpeditor, FileAid, Endevor, Syncsort, VSAM

AGRICORP (Schedule 3 Agency, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Guelph, ON
Feb 1999 – June 2000
Project Manager (Contract)
• Managed a mission critical applications development project to a successful conclusion.
• Directed the efforts of a team that ranged from 15 to 20
• Renewed the relationship between IT and the business
• Reported monthly to the Project Sponsor (CEO) and a Steering Committee comprised of the CEO’s direct reports
• Managed a development budget of $2.5m.
• Recruited approximately ten developers and QA resources
• Developed change control procedures
• Managed the issue log
• Managed the project schedule using MS Project.
Use of time: 90% Project Management, 10% Coding
Technical Environment: OS390/MVS, Cobol, CICS, DB2, APS (Merant’s Cobol generator), Cognos: Impromptu & PowerPlay

Cooperators Life, Guelph, ON
May 1998 – Jan 1999
Programmer (Contract)
• Made a significant contribution to the development of a Commercial Accounts Receivable system.
• Wrote several programs in the Cobol/CICS/DB2 environment.
• Worked closely with the DBA to optimize SQL queries into the DB2 database.
Use of time: 75% Coding, 25% Unit Testing
Technical Environment: OS390/MVS, Cobol, CICS, DB2

Manulife Financial Canada, Kitchener, ON
February 1992 – May 1998
Systems Designer/Team Lead/Project Manager
• Team lead on the conversion of a large legacy administration system for one of Canada’s largest life insurance companies such that it interfaces with a new General Ledger system. Directed a team of five systems professionals, met a very aggressive schedule, and made significant improvements to the systems infrastructure.
• Project Manager of a project that made significant improvements to the processes that calculate bonuses for thousands of insurance agents at one of Canada’s largest life insurance companies. Directed a team of four systems professionals. As well as satisfying the specific business requirements, we improved the systems infrastructure by externalizing previously hardwired relationships and unbundling distinct processes.
• Assisted in the development of an exempt test system that will assist one of Canada's largest life insurers comply with federal tax legislation. This included design and construction of a Paradox database that serves as the repository of unit value rates that are used to value individual life insurance policies.
Use of time: 25% Project Management/Team Lead, 50% Design, 25% Coding and Unit Testing
Technical Environment: OS390, Cobol, CICS, DB2, IDMS, SAS, Easytrieve, Endevor, Xpeditor, Strobe, FileAid, Syncsort, VSAM, CAPSIL, CASE Tools: Excelerator, & Andersen’s Design/1

Manulife Financial Canada, Kitchener, ON
May 1989 – January 1992
Systems Designer
• Developed several desktop applications used by the sales agents in the fields to prepare sales proposals for clients.
• Managed several small projects.
Use of time: 25% Project Management/Team Lead, 50% Design, 25% Coding and Unit Testing
Technical Environment: MS-DOS, Realia Cobol, ScreenIO

School Board Services Unit, Ontario Ministry of Education, Toronto, ON
October 1988 – April 1989
Team Leader
• Coordinated activities of a team of 6 involved with maintaining and enhancing a Student Adminstration System
• Managed several small projects
Use of time: 80% Team Lead, 20% Coding and Unit Testing
Technical Environment: DEC VAX VMS, RMS. FMS, DCL, Basic

Beaver Lumber, Markham, Jan 1988 – Sep 1988
School Board Services Unit, Ontario Ministry of Education, Toronto, Oct 1986 – Dec 1987 (9 months Team Lead)
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Toronto, Mar 1982 – Sep 1986 (2 years Team Lead)
Thorne Riddell - EDP, Toronto, Sep 1981 – Feb 1982
Rogers Cablesystems, Toronto, Jul 1980 - Aug 1981

Research Activities & Published Articles

• Created two web sites dedicated to IT project metrics. The objective was to deliver metrics that help project teams plan new projects. The first site was developed using HTML, JavaScript, Java Server Pages, Active Server Pages, MS Access, and MS PowerPoint. This initiative was chosen by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to be the first research activity added to a new research portal. The research was published in the March, 2004 edition of CIO Canada. The second web site was developed using NetBeans Java IDE, My SQL, and Crystal Reports. This version of the site includes a tool that predicts project outcome based on the results of completed projects. Please see

• Productivity Through People, July 1987 Canadian Datasystems
• Managing MIS Knowledge, November 1987 Canadian Datasystems
• The Maintenance Myth, March 1988 Canadian Datasystems
• The MIS Entrepreneurs, July 1988 Canadian Datasystems
• How To Keep Projects On The Go, November 1988 Canadian Datasystems
• Managing Project Scope, January 18/90 Computing Canada
• The Software Librarians, July 91 P.J. Ward's "NOW" magazine
• Software Engineering For The Masses, October 28/92 Computing Canada
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• A Picture Saves A Thousand Projects, November 9/98 Computing Canada
• The Project Champions, November 2000 Computing Canada
• How To Manage Project Communications, September 2001 CIO Canada
• Success & Failure in IT Projects – March 2004 CIO Canada.
• Eliminate Non-Value Added Tasks – September 2004 Procom Newsletter (
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