With more than 20 years of progressive experience as Program Manager and Project Manager had led complex IT projects/programs in a wide variety of industries in America, Latin America & Europe.
Mr. Morlan is an advanced Program Manager that balances his job activities and his enthusiasm to promote and enrich project management culture in events promoted by PMI and PMI chapters in America, Mexico and Central America.
Mr. Morlan’s multicultural background & proficiency in English, Spanish & Portuguese are the skills that helped him sorting challenges as Program Manager in global/international programs and projects while managing diverse, multigenerational and multicultural project teams, either co-located or virtual.
Mr. Morlan champions strategic program management with PMI Chapter officials and Project Management training companies to identify innovative ways to spread project management culture to small business owners, company’s top management to embrace the benefits of strategic project management in their companies and understand the role of the Program Manager as well as the Project Manager.
Mr. Morlan’s languages proficiency had helped him to easily approach Top Management, Program Managers, Project Managers and Business Analysts from around the world to create and share knowledge in the form of articles, presentations and interviews for various American and Latin American project management periodicals, chapter bulletins and project management portals.
Mr. Morlan was one of the first people to attain the PMI PgMP® credential in Latin America and the first Mexican recipient of the PMI Distinguished Contribution Award in 2011..

Director of Program Management
Project Management
Director Project Portfolio Management
Application Portfolio Manager
Strategy and Governance
Business Acumen
Financial Management & Stewardship
Cross Cultural Communications
Supplier Management
Program and Project Management Columnist
Program and Project Management Speaker
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving