In writing both The Human Side of Agile and The Agile Mind-Set, Gil Broza has tapped into fundamental concerns -- and challenges -- of Agile practitioners. As his experience and observations confirm, many who adopt Agile pay too much attention to processes and tools, and end up disenchanted with the results. Some are in denial while some are searching for a magic bullet. Still more are stranded on a mediocre performance plateau, stalled in a mishmash of "best practices," and looking for answers.

Since 2004, Gil has mentored and coached more than 3,000 professionals who then delighted their customers, shipped working software on time, and rediscovered passion for their work. He has also:

• Served as a development manager, team leader, and programmer for 12 years, successfully applying Agile methods since 2001
• Coached more than 70 private- and public-sector clients, large and small, including independent software vendors, custom development firms, and organizations that build software for internal use
• Written several practical papers for conferences and trade magazines, including the prestigious Cutter IT Journal; served three time as track chair at the Agile 20xx conferences

Throughout his career, Gil has focused on human characteristics that prevent positive outcomes in software development teams. These include limiting habits, fear of change, outdated beliefs, and blind spots. In helping teams overcome these factors, he supports them in reaching ever-higher levels of performance, confidence, and accomplishment.

Gil offers much-needed services (beyond basic education) to help ScrumMasters, project managers, and other Agile team leaders grow in their roles. He hosts the popular virtual training at and co-leads The Influential Agile Leader annual event. In addition, he provides workshops, consulting, facilitation services, and enablement programs to fix lackluster Agile attempts and support ongoing Agile improvement efforts. He is in high demand by individuals and companies looking to fully realize Agile’s potential. Since 2015, he's been teaching "Leading toward the Agile Mind-Set" and "Being Agile" at some of the world's largest companies.

Want a taste of what makes Gil different? Visit to receive Gil’s popular (and free!) “Something Happened on the Way to Agile” mini-program. Consisting of 20 daily training segments, it will help you break the cycle of Agile mediocrity and move toward the promised benefits of Agile.