"NK is a results oriented, process driven leader who has consistently delivered value to our organization."
Bernard Gerwel, SVP, Corporate Digital Officer, American National Insurance Company

- Imagine a team where everyone is inspired, focused and equipped to consistently deliver your project.
- Imagine an organization where stakeholders support you and readily allocate the resources you need.
- Imagine achieving an ROI of 2-10 x your project investment, a result reflective of everyone working together against a detailed project plan to produce their very best work. Or, if you are using Agile, imagine being transformed into an empowered and self-managed Agile team shrinking your time to market with every release.

I make this happen.

I believe project management is the most under-leveraged capability employed by organizations. Project management is not just a project schedule and a bunch of hoops to jump through. Done right, done simply, it can focus your team on the essential components, shift from reactive tasks to strategic thinking, drive project success, and relieve stress.

Working with my amazing team at RefineM, I help develop project management capability. I do this by carefully listening to needs, implementing optimized project plans, deploying simple but effective tools and techniques, and offering training and mentoring.

Contact me today at nks@refinem.com to discuss how may I help you drive your project management and/or Agile success.

"NK was instrumental in our transition to Agile management last year, a shift that substantially contributed to an increase in our Net Promoter Score from low 30s to high 70s and improved our revenue per hour by at least 35%, which is astronomical in our business."
Kurt Theobald, CEO & Chief Strategist, Classy Llama

Customized Project Management
Simplify project management processes
Lean/Agile Process improvement
Agile Transformation/SAFe
Project recovery
Risk management
PMO development
Project Management and Agile Training/coaching/mentoring

Professional Experience:

Dec 2011 – Present
CEO/Enterprise Agile Coach at RefineM - Project Management and Agile Consulting & Training, www.RefineM.com

I founded RefineM to fulfill a long-held dream to create a project management consulting and training firm focused on driving business results.

As an Agile coach and project management consultant, I focus on helping project managers perform only high-value processes, not too many—not too few—keeping it very simple, strategic and incredibly efficient. This is the key to project success.

- Implemented simplified outsourced project management/PMO processes, enabling a midsize non-profit team to shift from reactive tasks to proactive strategies and reduce their meetings and meeting time by about 50%.
- Lead a project recovery project in which sponsors and stakeholders were losing hope day by day, saving millions of dollars and relieving stress.
- Coached project teams to adopt Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean, Progressive Elaboration, Rolling Wave Planning etc.) to improve time-to-market capability and help them become self-managed empowered Agile teams.
- Implemented an integrated process combining Agile and waterfall for a multi-billion-dollar insurance company in the Midwest, involving state-of-the-art and legacy/mainframe technologies.
- Cultivated solid project management practices. project delivery capability and project management talent for a midsize private university while successfully leading a large ERP implementation.
- Implemented numerous process improvements projects in IT and PMO areas resulting in improved quality (50%+ reduction in defects), improved turnaround time (reducing QA cycles from three months to one month) and significant cost savings.
- Trained/mentored hundreds of students on current topics in project management, Agile/Scrum, SAFe, certification prep (PMP, PMI-ACP), etc.

Jul 2016 – Present
Enterprise Agile Coach at IBM, www.IBM.com

Contracted to work as an Enterprise Agile Coach at IBM, transforming leadership and delivery teams to implement Agile practices using KANBAN and SCRUM. As part of agile transformation, I coach senior leadership and also provide team level coaching at IBM.
Coached several IBM teams to deliver measurable business outcomes within 2-4 weeks.

Jan 2004 – Nov 2011
Vice President at Farragut Systems (Formerly IIS Inc.), www.Farragut.com

Championed project management, business development, financial management, process improvement, risk management, quality assurance and client relations activities on behalf of this 55-employee North Carolina-based software design and services company. Rapidly promoted to increasingly responsible positions.

- Oversaw team of 25 employees focused on the delivery of IT projects and consultative services.
- Significantly improved productivity and asset utilization, yielding earnings ratio of 95%+ monthly for entire business unit through resource optimization and continuous process improvements.
- Integrated new project management capabilities; improved bottom line profitability for customer base by 10-20%.
- Lead project manager and consultant on numerous multi-year, multi-million-dollar IT projects: 100% success rate track record, 95%+ on-time completion rate, under budget by 10%.
- Recovered and turned around several floundering projects, saving clients millions of dollars.
- Cultivated detailed planning and execution process to track financial projections on weekly basis and get as close to actual as possible. Efforts resulted in vastly improved data integrity and record low deviation rate.
- Developed high-level communications including dashboards and scorecards to allow C-level executives to make decisions based on metrics and an understanding of the big picture—not guesswork.

May 1998 – Dec 2004
Senior Project Manager/ General Manager at IIS Inc. & IIS Pvt. Ltd.

Entrusted to manage large projects and grow business for insurance practice portfolio of the company.
- Recovered $12M project and retained the customer for 10+ years by assuming ownership of a previously failing project, spinning the project to profitability and realizing fruition within just 8 months. Successful efforts included needs assessment, client communication, resource management, risk management, improved communication and re-energizing the team members to achieve project completion.
- Managed the Indian operations of the company; leading all aspects of the business as well as a team of 70+ employees.
- Successfully delivered a 2-year, 4.5 million dollar project for a large insurance company within budget and one month ahead of schedule.
- First employee to receive Doris S. Knecht Principles and Values Award for outstanding job performance.

See my details profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/nkshrivastava/