Seilevel, Inc., Austin, TX Oct 2002 – present

Vice President of Research and Development 5/07-present
• Responsible for developing intellectual property for Seilevel consultants to apply on requirements projects.
• Work as Requirements Architect on multiple customer projects to define and maintain the requirements architecture, guide requirements process decisions, mentor customer resources, and communicate with customer.
• Develop and teach training on topics including requirements best practices, elicitation, visual models, and business objectives for product managers and business analysts. Training is based on experiences in training over 500 individuals in requirements techniques.
• Write articles on requirements topics, including requirements methodology, requirements for migration projects, measuring product manager performance, use cases, and requirements traceability.
• Present at multiple international conferences on various topics, including requirements engineering training and education practices in industry, current industry challenges with requirements, agile requirements, and application of business objectives to project scope.

Director of Services 11/03-5/07
• Responsible for ensuring all customer projects had the Seilevel resources necessary to meet project deliverable timelines.
• Worked with Seilevel resources to develop project plans that met the customer’s needs.
• Managed all Seilevel resources on all projects to ensure all quality standards and schedules were met.
• Met with all customers regularly to ensure they were satisfied with the work Seilevel is doing for them.
• Developed a team and process to deliver a courseware project with 11 computer-based training lessons for a division of the Air Force.
• Developed ongoing methodologies and internal training for writing use cases, requirements gathering, and courseware development.

Lead Business Analyst, Dell, 7/03-11/03
• Lead Seilevel Business Analyst responsible for developing functional specifications for a redesign of an online Software and Peripherals application and the corresponding offline application used by sales reps.
• Coordinated communications, schedules and deliverables for Seilevel resources across three related projects.
• Worked with product management teams to gather use cases and product requirements.
• Worked with usability experts to coordinate user interface design changes.
• Communicated requirements to development and QA teams to drive understanding of business needs.
• Owned facilitation of issue resolution across the product management and development teams to complete development on schedule.

Systems Engineer, Raytheon, 4/03-7/03
• Seilevel Systems Engineer on a team supporting planning and design efforts on multiple programs for Raytheon’s customers.
• Coordinated the requirements analysis phase of the program to develop specifications to deliver to their customer.
• Developed various program planning materials for a year long program, including program plan and detailed schedule, subcontractor statements of work, risk register and mitigation plans, and engineering plans.
• Worked with their subcontractor to coordinate dependencies in the respective schedules to meet strict program deadlines.
• Led efforts to coordinate team members to successfully pass a corporate milestone that proves planning readiness for the program to move forward.
• Assisted in understanding and documenting the system to be developed, including writing a Concept of Operations and reviewing system requirements definitions.

Lead Business Analyst, Dell, 10/02 – 4/03
• Lead Seilevel Business Analyst of team responsible for developing functional specifications for Ecommerce application.
• Coordinated requirements efforts across multiple customer project teams as part of the same program.
• Worked with product management teams to gather use cases and product requirements.
• Communicated requirements to development and QA teams to drive understanding of business needs.
• Owned the document quality and delivery schedule
• Performed project management tasks for Seilevel resources at customer site.
• Defined and implemented change control process for customer.
• Documented Seilevel processes for ensuring high levels of requirements quality.

SGI, Mountain View, CA Dec 2001 – Jan 2002
Senior Consultant
• Worked with a consulting team that developed a sales force quoting application to provide pricing for configured products.
• Performed business analysis with the customer to identify pricing requirements and use cases for the quoting application.
• Developed a pricing model using Trilogy’s pricing solution based on existing model in Oracle Pricing.
• Performed analysis of Oracle Pricing database solution to determine how customer’s pricing data was stored in database tables.
• Designed and developed database driven solution to extract relevant data from Oracle Pricing database and populate it in Trilogy’s pricing solution database.
• Optimized performance of database queries to populate large amounts of data in Trilogy’s solution.
• Worked jointly with customer team members to design and develop solution for automating the data extraction from Oracle into a Trilogy staging environment and then rolling data from Trilogy staging to production.

Trilogy, Austin, TX Jun 1998 – Nov 2001
Senior Consultant, 03/01-11/01
• Technical leader on a team responsible for importing and maintaining configuration and pricing data for a major automotive customer.
• Technical ownership of tools to support the project, including design and development responsibility for improvements in tools.
• Defined, implemented, and documented quality engineering standards for the project.
• Mentored team in Trilogy pricing technologies, tools, and processes.
• Provided pricing technologies expertise to other automotive project teams, assisted in redesigning pricing for automotive websites.
• Identified and implemented process improvements within auto consulting projects for purposes of cost reductions and efficient training.

Senior Consultant, 7/00 – 11/01
• Worked with Trilogy’s Project Management Office to define and improve a requirements gathering process as part of Trilogy’s iterative software development methodology.
• Defined a user-centric requirements process based on use cases.
• Instructor of use case workshop directed at consultants and developers, developed workshop materials, taught class on a monthly basis, continuously reworking the class with improvements each time.
• Mentored other projects across Trilogy in how to write use cases and how they fit in with the development process.

Senior Consultant, 6/00 - 2/01

• Requirements Analyst project lead on a team responsible for developing a call center application for a retail customer.
• Worked with customer to perform business process analysis and redesign to make call center operations more efficient.
• Assisted in developing business cases to guide the customer’s prioritization of development efforts and communicated requirements to Trilogy development to drive what features should go into Trilogy product versus customer specific implementation.
• Project management responsibilities for requirements gathering and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) efforts on the project.
• Worked on the proposal team during the sales cycle to provide technical suggestions and estimates.
• Instructor for customer training classes in Trilogy specific technologies.
• Defined requirements gathering methodology for a new Trilogy Extreme Programming-based methodology to be used on this project, documented it in a case study of the project.

Senior Consultant, 11/99 - 6/00

• Worked with customer to gather requirements for an online business-to-business e-commerce site for a telecom services customer.
• Designed, developed and tested an online product catalog and integrated it into the rest of the website.
• Designed integration solution between Trilogy pricing solution and JDE pricing databases.

Technical Integration Consultant, 8/98 - 10/99

• Part of a consulting team that developed an integrated pricing solution for a major tire-manufacturing customer.
• Helped customer design pricing strategy and captured pricing requirements for all business divisions of the corporation.
• Developed the pricing model for all divisions of the corporation, pricing model is used in production to price all orders.
• Helped integrate Trilogy’s pricing solution into the customer’s SAP deployment.
• Developed software to synchronize data between the backend system and the Trilogy system.

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K. Wiegers and J. Beatty, Software Requirements, Third Edition, Microsoft Press, 2013.

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