I had the privilege to live and work in eight different countries in four different continents. During my previous professional life I led cross functional teams implementing post M&A integration strategies for the Fiat Group in the US, UK, France, Brazil and Italy and managed commercial and marketing organizations for a global company leader in the luxury goods sector in Middle East, Africa, South, East and South East Asia, Oceania.
During that period I tried to enhance my knowledge in the Intercultural Negotiation and Influence field, attending an MBA and specific International Business Courses, but felt very unsatisfied with most of the current literature and programs on Negotiation and Influence. I found it very hard to apply the academic and theoretical knowledge to real life problems facing managers when conducting negotiations across cultures or leading cross functional distant teams.
This is why in 2010 I decided to apply my management experience in designing and delivering intercultural negotiation and influence programs, focusing on real people, in a real context.
I developed the 4Ps framework (Preparation, Process, Power Perception and People) for Negotiating and Influencing across cultures, to engage global individuals across the four dimensions of preparation, process, power and people.
During the last few years I had the opportunity to design and deliver around 200 intercultural negotiation and intercultural influence projects for Multinationals and Small and Medium enterprises in many European countries. I’m currently Cross Cultural Management Professor at the Catholic University in Milan, delivering workshops in International Universities and Business Schools.
Furthermore I just published a book (The 4Ps Framework: Advanced Negotiation and Influence Strategies for Global Effectiveness), that aims to fill the wide gap between academic research and real life aspects of global negotiation and influence