I work as an independent contractor with an established limited liability corporation allowing me to accept both corp-to-corp [1099] engagements as well as traditional w-2 work. I use a very structured and prescriptive approach to managing projects, but also believe in flexibility to accommodate my clients when they request something they are more comfortable or experienced with using during an engagement.

Every consultancy I have worked for during my career had its own 'unique' methodology and approach to project delivery and I learned important things from every one of them. But with many firms, it felt like the methodology itself became the primary consideration during the engagement, often at the expense of more important, value-added activities for the client. That is why I became an independent contractor. Because while methodology is important, the project and its successful outcome should always be the primary focus. I firmly believe in being an advocate for my clients on all matters and putting their interests first.
My updated resume, CV, project work history and any other requested information are gladly provided on request.