I have worked with leaders and organizational teams in organizational change, strategic thinking, collaboration and engagement, sustainability integration, program improvement initiatives, opportunities identification and more, in the industrial sector.

I offer training & advisement on specific projects, and I apply Lean processes and sustainability considerations to project planning and delivery on large mining developments, successfully utilizing extensive collaborative, iterative approaches to identify and eliminate risks on existing sites, and to ensure new projects are planned, risk minimized, and executed efficiently and effectively.

Success is based on the decisions we make, as planners, designers, team leads, project managers and stakeholders alike. We need to bring trust to our working environments, to work collaboratively, to enhance communications, and to think holistically about the solutions we can employ to ensure the goals of such great outcomes are realized.

No matter the role that you play, it is in your power to help alter the performance of future projects, to create an environment for responsible developments, which bring shared value to those around them, ensure the environment is protected, and provide the world with the resources needed to improve the standard of living for everyone.

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