Acquired the Project Management Professional (PMP), Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) and Certified Associate Project Management (CAPM) certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI); the gold standard of project management certification. Recognized and demanded by organizations worldwide, the PMP validates competency to perform the role of a project management, leading and directing projects and teams.

Currently preparing for Certified Cost Professional (CCP) certification from AACE International, FIDIC Contract Certification from The International Federation of Consulting Engineers and Program Management Certification (PgMP) from PMI.

Job Duties & Responsibilities:
• Prepare Clause 14/8.3 Contract Master Programme based on Contract Requirements. Prepare construction/Coordination Programmes based on project requirements. Identify, monitor & manage, in an organized manner, scope changes, variations and Extension of Time (EOT) claims using “Impacted as-planned” and ‘TIA” techniques.
• Prepare the following deliverables with the prepared programmes:
1. Planning Method Statement/Narrative Report
2. Shop Drawing Submittal & Approval Schedule
3. Material Submittal & Approval Schedule
4. Material Procurement Schedule
5. Resource & Equipment Histogram
6. Cash Flow & Detailed Manpower/Workforce Schedules
• Coordinate & integrate sub-contractors with the project programmes and ensure compliance with the programme requirements.
• Maintain & record on regular basis the as built records of planned site progress against actual site progress
• Issue the following reports on weekly basis to the project team:
1. Two/ 4 weeks look ahead schedules.
2. Project Productivity reports and updated KPI’s
3. Delay Notification with proper substantiations
4. Daily welding progress report, Material Tracking sheet, Updated ID list
5. Technical Query updated log & Transmittal tracking log
6. Critical Path activities
• Assist in formulation of delays/disruption/Time claims using delay analysis techniques as applicable- Impacted As-Planned, Time Impact Analysis, As-Planned VS As-Built & Collapsed As-Built.
• Attend progress and other relevant meetings as advised by the Project Managers.
• Obtain and manage project resources; execute the tasks as defined in the project plan; implement the quality management plan; implement approved changes according to the change management plan; implement approved actions by following the risk management plan; maximize team performance.
• Obtain final acceptance of the project deliverables; transfer the ownership of deliverables; obtain financial, legal, and administrative closure; distribute the final project report; collate lessons learned; archive project documents and materials; measure customer satisfaction.
• Conduct site visits to verify physical progress, identify any potential /critical issues. Works with the cost and estimation, assist and liaise with project team to rectify potential cost overruns/schedule delays.
• Review and understand all relevant documentation pertaining to the project including scope of services, project execution plan, proposal/project schedule (including manpower projection plan), TIC, conditions of contract
• Work within the standard project control procedures. Ensure that these procedures fulfill client requirements and develop additional project specific procedures where necessary
• Prepare activity plans to accomplish all work required by the procedures and to ensure that sufficient planning resources are provided
• Timely preparation and issue reports
• Ensure that all involved parties participate in preparation of items described above and that they agree to their respective elements and approve documents where necessary
• Maintain accurate schedule and control curves in an updated condition
• Analysis schedule & cost trends and produce regular forecasts of schedule & cost performance and issues for project review
• Support the maintenance of the manpower projection plan for the project control team and liaise with the Manager and Chief Engineers to ensure that the project is provided with sufficient resources at the required level
• Support cost and schedule updates and communicated to the project team
• Support the effective Change Control mechanisms and ensure that agreed changes are reflected in Budgets and Schedules
• Liaise with other departments to ensure that information affecting schedule and cost is continually updated and that project control objectives are known
• Maintain both time and cost trend performance indicators and statistics
• Analyze and compare both schedule and cost information and relating conclusions such that management control action is alerted at the right time
• Review overall job status and recommending corrective action where necessary
• Review actual progress against planned progress, particularly with regard to manpower levels, productivity, performance metrics and payment
• Liaise with other team leaders at all meetings relative to project operations, to ensure that information affecting schedule and cost is continually up-dated
• Coordinate final job statistics and analysis of the effectiveness of procedures for possible improvement on future projects
• Provide feedback on key project issues to Department Management team on a timely basis