Dr. Jim Bohn has served in a variety of roles in the corporate world since 1973, personally leading the transformation of multiple underperforming teams to achieve award-winning levels of success. “Working in the real world, I have had to live with the change management decisions I have made, both good and bad, and I believe that experience has given me insight into the best ways to approach change.” After several decades with a Fortune 100 company, Dr. Bohn launched his own Change Management and Organizational Transformation Practice. http://proaxios.com/ Dr. Bohn has a unique blend of hands-on, in-the-trenches experience in addition to a rich pedigree of research from his Ph.D.

As a leader, Dr. Bohn has personally led significant change management projects including IT implementations, mergers and reorganizations. He has served in roles ranging from the shop floor to design, engineering, sales and service.

He book on managing change “Architects of Change: Practical Tools for Executives to Build, Lead and Sustain Organizational Initiatives” was released in July 2015. https://tsw.createspace.com/title/524189
Following are some endorsements:

“Dr. Bohn’s book provides a very practical assessment of what it really takes to lead successful change within an organization for those in executive roles – highly recommended for senior leaders.”
Kerry J. Brunner Vice-President, Total Rewards, Ministry Health Care

"Rooted in profound simplicity and clearly based on "ground level" experience. In a business world where the only thing constant is change, this is an easy read loaded with actionable insights and tools that help derisk organizational changes, large and small."

Agostino Renna, President & CEO, GE Lighting, EMEA

As a master architect of change management, Dr. Bohn has provided a clear, actionable process for those responsible for guiding change in any organizational setting.

Jonathan E. Dehlinger, Ph.D., VRH Consulting – Milwaukee

As an educator, Jim has taught Organization Development at University of Wisconsin's LUBAR School of Business, Business Ethics and Strategy at Concordia University and Leadership at Marquette University.

As a social scientist and scholar, Jim is deeply passionate about learning, developing and practicing organizational research in the context of change.


In 2006 Jim was interviewed by Business Week on the subject of Organizational Efficacy. His groundbreaking research in Organizational Efficacy was published in Human Resource Development Quarterly, vol. 21, no. 3, Fall 2010.

He is a Master Facilitator and has led hundreds of workshops with audiences ranging from frontline mechanics to Senior Vice-Presidents, including Retail, Manufacturing and Big Pharma.

In addition to his work in organizational transformation, he has spoken at the National Academy of Change Management Professionals, and led workshops for SHRP and Wisconsin I/O Psychologists, Dakota County and Lakeville Chambers of Commerce, ASTD-Twin Cities, MNCMN, MNODN, Atlanta Field Service Conference, IFMA Twin Cities and the Chicago Corenet Real Estate Group among others.