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We asked the team – what do people need to know?

They answered:
Ruth lives up to the meaning of her name - she owns it!
fem. proper name, biblical ancestor of David, from Hebrew Ruth, probably a contraction of reuth” companion, friend, fellow woman.”

ruth (n.)
“sorrow for the misery of another; repentance, regret,” c. 1200, ruthe, from Old Norse hryggð “ruth, sorrow,” from hryggr “sorrowful, grieved”. Or else formed in English from reuwen “to rue” on the model of true/truth, etc.

Her Purpose: To help people find themselves, their strengths and to accept their challenges as part of what makes them them. To find and highlight the unique and wonderful in every person.

Her Mission: To empower everyone to be leaders creating strong, effective, motivated, adaptable and healthy communities. To create space for everyone and anyone who has a story... which is all of us.

Her Values: Other people matter, diverse perspectives enrich experiences, be experimental, be open, listen with an open heart and mind, create learning environments, foster adaptability, two minds are better than one.

The time has come to change the purpose and heart of our workplaces and our communities. Our processes are well-established, our approaches well-known. And yet when change hits out of the blue, as it did in the first quarter of 2020, we find ourselves flat-footed and slow to respond.

It is time to focus on people, their physical and mental health, their agility of mind and approach; their creativity, and their wellbeing.

Ruth is passionate about the future of those who lead projects as influencers, and forces for positive change in organizations and teams. Her purpose is to build engaged teams who will run through walls for each other, led by an impassioned, empathic, socially intelligent project or program leader.

Experience, and evidence, show that this happens when colleagues feel…

* they have space to express themselves and hear others
* when they practice self-care and have opportunities to reflect (mindfulness)
* seen and heard,
* that failure is not a dirty word and experimentation is innovation,
* safe to challenge the status quo and
* when they know their strengths, they are appreciated for their strengths, and they are encouraged to use and grow their strengths in everything that they do.

Ruth’s her top VIA Character Strengths are Gratitude, Fairness, Curiosity, Bravery, Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, & Hope.

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