Shahida offers a unique skill set and experience in envisioning and implementing a diverse portfolio of award winning,
sustainable social development programs,incorporating emerging technologies as enablers. With over 30 years of international business and management experience, she has designed and directed innovative
development programs, applying an integrated approach to key nation building areas such as education systems, labour
market development, workforce value chain, health, and gender integration.
Shahida has been instrumental in developing advocacy and ownership within traditionally non-participatory organisations
such as the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI). Similarly, her leadership as a Project
Advisory Member played a defining role within the Center for International Private Enterprise. Her ability to create
unique solutions and methods yield tangible results, such as her work on an internal paper for the FPCCI resulting in the
establishment of a dedicated, internal Corporate Social Responsibility. The FPCCI CSR group champions education
as its top priority, and holds a position of influence within the business community.
Shahida also has considerable personal involvement with the grass roots level where she has implemented various
multi-stakeholder community-based projects through her social enterprises. Her unique background brings an
unconventional network of organisations and partners, a key asset in establishing cross-cutting linkages. She has
successfully used this network to leverage critical funding resources and create long term collaborations

Key Skills:

• Social Enterprise and Franchise Models
• Private Sector Development
• Institutional Development and Capacity Building
• Workforce Development Models
• Technology for development
• Education
• Project Management


Team Lead- Ilm Ideas 2 (Pakistan Education Innovations Fund) 2015- Present
22 million GBP National Grants Fund for Education Innovation- Responsible for overall program design, management and strategic planning

Chairperson, Sehat First, Pakistan, 2007 – present
(long-term) a joint venture social enterprise focused on franchise model for delivery of primary healthcare services
through use of technology. Responsible for strategic long term vision and business planning, technology assessment
and development, team formation and training, long term private sector training linkages for workforce development.
Designed and implemented M&E plan including keyfinancial and social impact metrics. Developed complete
supply chain systems with Private Sector Partners.

Director Private Sector Alliances and ICT, USAID JOBS,
Pakistan, 2008 – 2009 (long-term) a challenging project integrated with 6 additional USAID projects, in a difficult
environment. Key responsibilities of the position were:
? Work with the Chief of Party, Deputy Chief of Party and Senior Leadership Team to develop the technical vision, refined objectives and technical roadmap
? Development and implementation of private sector alliance strategy
? Manage team driving technical decision making and quality control to ensure that products and activities are relevant to private sector needs,
? Develop and implement the strategy for using technology to enable workforce from virtual training, to sharing information via cell phone technology, to creating project portals and other initiatives on a local, regional or national level.
? Brief USAID and USG staff on issues related to technical performance, activity design and implementation, coordination with partners and other technical areas

Founder / Chairperson, Catco Kids, Pakistan, 2007 – present (long-term)
A social enterprise model focused on women’s economic empowerment through provision of quality childcare services utilising a franchise model. Responsible for strategic long term vision and business planning, technology needs assessments, team formation, fiscal planning and management. Collaborated with the ILO for establishment of National Childcare Programme to support working women, and foradvocacy of labor law implementation to mandate provision of childcare for working women by all employers

Founder / Chairperson, DOTZ Technologies, Pakistan, 2006 – present (longterm)
Responsible for strategic long term vision and business planning; technology needs assessments, team formation, fiscal planning and management. Major achievements include: E-Sehat software concept and design; SMEDA/AHAN –
Technology Utilisation in Rural Skill Development Project; PKEI - Pakistan Education Initiative (Technology integration into schools).

Chairperson – Standing Committee on IT & Telecom, Federation Pakistan
Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Pakistan, 2002 – 2010 (long-term)
Responsibilities include donor/stakeholder relationship management, programme design, implementation and monitoring and evaluation. Focal areas for the committee are development of the ICT sector, devise programmes for ICT utilisation.
The working strategy established SWOGS including the donor community, Government of Pakistan (district, provincial and federal), academia, industry and interest groups, for consensus building; designing and implementing private sector
based solutions for priority areas.