FEi SYSTEMS, Columbia, MD 2017 - Present
Principal, Project Manager
• Lead key strategic client implementation of the Long Term Services and Support (LTSS) software solution for a large national provider.

KAISER PERMANENTE, Rockville, MD 2016 – 2017
Medicare Program Manager
• Led Medicare Advantage conversion program team of 75 national and regional persons. Medicare Advantage conversion is a key strategic initiative in the Mid-Atlantic States region, the largest and most complex program that impacts over 30 departments and 56 systems.
• Led Medicare Advantage Conversion re-planning due to an executive decision to delay conversion from 01/01/2-17 to 01/01/2018.
• Established Medicare Advantage Program Governance structure defining national and regional, and business and IT accountabilities.
• Built Medicare Advantage Program infrastructure and team environment including weekly meetings cadence, status report, developed the Program SharePoint site, developed issues/risks tracker, instituted program financial review monthly cadence and developed a program executive financial presentation, developed a program plan, implemented compliance assurance process and compliance log, developed onboarding presentation.
• Defined the readiness process including readiness criteria, the schedule for readiness reviews, and a readiness checklist.
• Defined the change management process including change request thresholds and persons accountable for approvals, change request tracker and a form.
• Led completion of the program plans for all work areas, including all milestones along all work streams with integration.
• Led 2016 re-budgeting and 2017 budget processes.
• Improved the way the Medicare conversion team works together by facilitating people to build relationships and recognizing when people have accomplished milestones, creating a way to celebrate our success. Developed “Medicare Heroes and Stars” book.
• Successfully project managed 5 out of 10 work streams within Medicare Advantage Conversion program.
• Design Medicare Advantage Program Command Center.
• Execute Medicare Advantage conversion on 01/01/2018 and $21 Mil budget. Exceed Medicare members’ expectations.

KAISER PERMANENTE, Silver Spring, MD 2014 – 2016
Program Manager, Government Programs
• As a Program Manager for the Medicaid Ongoing Support program, provided leadership, program expertise and support to ensure that Kaiser Permanente is in full compliance with Virginia and Maryland Medicaid programs.
• Led Medicaid Ongoing Support team of 3 project managers and 25 resources that successfully executed 20 projects on time and within $3.7 Million budget.
• Addressed complex interdependencies and conflicting goals and needs of the multiple stakeholders. Addressed resources constraints and conflicting priorities.
• Developed and implemented governance, operational and program management frameworks to ensure on time and within the budget execution of all Medicaid Ongoing Support projects.
• Developed a program management tracking mechanism and executive status update report effectively displaying the health of each project and the program as a whole.
• Led an effort to develop monthly financial tracking mechanism that tracks actuals by project and compares it to project’s budget and remaining forecast. The tracking mechanism allowed to reduce monthly projects’ financial analysis from 2 weeks to 3 days. And financial tracking mechanism ensured that all projects are executed within budget.
• Implemented risk management process including escalation mechanism, and risks and issues tracking tool.
• Led an effort of conducting a monthly review of the Medicaid Managed Care Technical Manual (MCTM) from the state of Virginia, identifying and implementing changes in policies and procedures to ensure full compliance with the state regulations.
• Pioneered and launched Program Managers Community of Practice (CoP) at Kaiser Permanente. Developed CoP governance and set its structure. Led newly launched CoP.

EXPERIENCE (Continued)
EVOLENT HEALTH, Arlington, VA 2012 – 2014
Associate Director, Program Management
• Managed large scale multi-faceted and interdisciplinary implementation project. Led a cross-functional team of 15 persons. Created project plans, developed a process to update project plans and deliver updates to the client. Developed risks management process. Delivered weekly internal and external dashboards and updates to the team and the client.
• Implemented Avoidable Hospital Admission and Readmission Reduction Program for multiple clients. The program resulted in a decrease in avoidable admission and readmission of between 10% and 15%, reduction in costs and improvement of the quality of care. Received a company-wide “Walk the Walk” recognition award.
• Served as a project manager for Medicare Advantage (MA) implementation. Facilitated the development of MA implementation baseline that was used for different clients.
• Led RFP preparation for implementation of Identifi (Evolent Health Clinical Platform), a 212-page document was prepared in 10 business days and submitted to the client ahead of schedule. RFP resulted in the client signing contract.
• Led Hospital Transition Program (HTP) process improvement project. Diagnosed the process issues and proposed an innovative solution. Drove quick win solution that resulted in a significant process improvement, increase in patient’s touch rate from 19% to 70%. Founded and let the firm-wide implementation of the Women at Evolent (WE) program that has brought women career needs to the forefront. WE program was a first employee-driven group at Evolent and served as a model for other employee-driven groups.

KAISER PERMANENTE, Rockville, MD 2011 – 2012
Senior Process Improvement Consultant
• Managed Claims project that centered on setting up industry competitive productivity standards. Utilizing QI Macro led large in volume data analysis. Newly established productivity standards allowed Kaiser to keep Claims function in-house.
• Managed Medicare ANOC/EOC project that was completed one month ahead of schedule and exceeded the goal by 6%. The project resulted in improved accuracy of ANOC/EOC documents from 47% to 86%, and in $370,000 in cost avoidance.
• Co-led Baltimore Strategy Transformation development that identified strategic financial opportunity including improved geographical coverage and higher membership growth.
• Managed Appeals project that was completed one month ahead of schedule and exceeded the goal by 8%. To overcome a challenge of baseline data unavailability, set up an appeals audit process. Led large in volume appeals data analysis. The project resulted in improved accuracy of appeals from 78% to 96%.
• Co-led launch of KP Women Embracing Life and Leadership (KP Well), a business resource group that provides women within KP opportunities for development of leadership skills. Became a co-chair for 2012.

KAISER PERMANENTE, Rockville, MD 2009 – 2011
Senior Project Manager
• Designed and led hub business case process, a significant component of the Mid-Atlantic long term strategy. Led the team that analyzed four business cases that resulted in $600 M capital investment in Mid-Atlantic region. All business cases received board approval after the first review.
• Co-led Baltimore Strategy Transformation development that identified strategic financial opportunity including improved geographical coverage and higher membership growth.
• In the PM capacity led 2012 rate setting. Coordinated efforts from marketing, underwriting, actuarial, financial planning, and other business units to develop forecasts and assumptions necessary to develop competitive product line rates.

MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL, Bethesda, MD 2008 – 2009
Senior Manager – International Lodging Finance
• Redesigned operational reporting package and modified six monthly reports using a newly created, more robust entity in Hyperion. Improved the efficiency, timing and accuracy of the monthly/quarterly processes.
• Identified the need and created six new food and beverage reports in Hyperion to assess restaurant profitability and developed improvement strategies.
• Led analysis initiative to benchmark competitors that resulted in strategy development for the economic downturn.

Manager – Consulting Practice
• Co-developed a Close Process Improvements Methodology that was implemented for five clients.
• Managed an invoice and billing improvement process project that reduced cycle time from 14 to 10 business days and led to a workforce reduction of 3 FTEs. Project deliverable ( a 120-page document) became the go-to model for workforce reduction techniques for MorganFranklin.
• Established a communication function that facilitated effective and timely communications between a corporate accounting group and multiple regional accounting offices located worldwide.
• Managed a team that implemented a Playbook, Balance Sheet accounts data repository in Access Database. Playbook was later generalized to a data repository and was implemented by other clients.
• Co-founded Women’s Initiative (WI) - a forum where women could discuss and find solutions to their unique work/life balance concerns.

EXPERIENCE (Continued)
Senior Consultant – Strategy and Operations, CFO Services
• Managed the team that automated the accrual calculation process by creating a calculation schedule in Excel with data input from JD Edwards. The new process cut the calculation of all accruals to merely two hours from the original time of one week.
• Redesigned the invoice preparation process that resulted in doubled process efficiency and improved output data accuracy. Documented process was distributed to Deloitte nationwide.
• Built a financial model that evaluated clients’ current strategy and proposed four alternative scenarios. The chosen scenario was used to define corporate strategic objectives as well as the strategic and tactical initiatives required to support it. The model was implemented for three clients.
• Analyzed financial performance (ratios and pro forma financial statements) for the client and its four major competitors. Recommended appropriate modifications to the client’s financial structure. The improvement resulted in the annual cost saving of $400,000.
• Led a testing team to improve coordination of the testing activities among multiple Hyperion software development teams.
• Managed a fee application preparation process that reduced the process timing by 40%.
• Co-led quarterly regional meetings designed to communicate operational results to all Deloitte practitioners.
• Led the Women's Initiative (WIN) - a group that helped women to build successful careers and promoted leadership development.

ROBERT BOSCH TOOL CORPORATION, Mount Prospect, IL 2000 – 2004
Business Analyst – Finance Department
• Oversaw reporting for the Service Division, maintaining accurate and timely financial data. Ensured that all procedures were in line with and supported by the company’s approved procedures and policies. Promoted from Service Financial Analyst to Service and Accessory Business Analyst within first ten months.
• Accelerated Service Division financial reporting through process reorganization. Resulting efficiency doubling led to a promotion and added responsibilities in the Accessories Division.
• Played a lead financial role in the conversion of Service Centers to SAP, which resulted in five times improved efficiency and accuracy of the data flow. Total annual cost saving was $700,000.
• Led a project that analyzed warranty and non-warranty repairs resulting in a reduction of repair costs by 30%.
• Directed restructuring of the lease payment procedures that resulted in the reduction of time spent on lease payments from four days to four hours per month. Implemented a change and trained staff on the new process.
• Developed and maintained P&L for the Service Division. Made recommendations to worldwide Service Management Team about the growth and expansion of the Service Division in North America.
• Restructured SG&A cost allocations to Service and Accessories Divisions within the corporate profit and loss statement (P&L). It resulted in better-matched revenues and costs.

OUTOKUMPU COPPER, INC., Bloomingdale, IL 1999 – 2000
Financial Analyst/Accountant
• Managed daily cash activities for the holding company and its subsidiaries. Participated in the internal financial reporting.
• Improved wire transfer procedures for the holding company and its subsidiaries, leading to a 40% increased efficiency and timing of the wire transfers.
• Played a lead financial role in a project analyzing group performance versus industry competitors.

PEPSI INTERNATIONAL BOTTLERS, Ekaterinburg, Russia 1997 – 1997
Sales Analyst
• Analyzed sales by product category and by region; performed price comparison between Pepsi and other soft drink vendors.
• Directed the process of initializing the analytical data flow with Accounting, Sales, and Systems departments for five local sales regions where Pepsi was starting its operations.
• Analyzed business development in each sales region, which helped General Director and his executive team to identify strategies for business growth.

KONTUR, Ekaterinburg, Russia 1993 – 1997
Financial Manager
• Co-managed creation of the new sales division that increased company’s sales by 35%.
• Managed financials of the sales division in conditions of hyperinflation and the unstable business environment.
• Organized and directed a television advertising campaign that resulted in 100% increase in sales.

Master of Business Administration with majors in Finance, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship and Accounting

Master of Business Administration with major in Accounting

Bachelor of Science in Engineering with major in Physics of Metals

• Author, “Practitioners’ Guide to Program Management”. The book will be published in Q2, 2017 by the Project Management Institute (PMI).
• PMP Certified Project Manager
• Improvement Advisor (Kaiser Permanente equivalent of Six Sigma Green Belt)
• Certified Statistical Process Control (SPC) Advisor
• Co-authored a white paper entitled Finance Transformation, published internally by MorganFranklin in 2008
• Co-authored a white paper entitled An innovative approach to close cycle reduction, published internally by MorganFranklin in 2008 (http://morganfranklin.com/xres/uploads/res...aper_FINAL.pdf)
• Co-authored a white paper entitled Rational Asset Portfolio Management, published internally by Deloitte in 2006

• Member of the Project Management Institute (PMI)
• Software Tools: Daptiv (Project Portfolio Management Software), Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, QI Macros, PowerPoint, Project and Visio), SharePoint, MATLAB, SAP, Hyperion Enterprise, Hyperion Reporting, PeopleSoft and Cognos
• Volunteer with the American Heart Association (AHA).
• Personal interests include competing in CrossFit competitions, completing seven marathons in 7 continents challenge, hiking (the list includes the Mont Blanc, Machu Pichu, Kilimanjaro and Everest base camp), traveling with the goal to visit remaining 3 out of 7 continents in the next five years, fine dining, among others.
• Fluent in English, Italian and Russian, beginner in Spanish
• US citizen