Agile Transformation Product Owner
I was recently hired by the major CEE bank (total of 10,000 employees) to provide facilitation for a key agile transformation initiative based on my prior experience and successes.

? Currently creating agile enterprise capability model to orchestrate the transition to a scaled agile framework. The company projects that this transformation will have a game-changing effect on customer service as banking continues to evolve in the 21st century global economy.

Managing Director, Women’s Empowerment Program
Agile Product Director
I planned and executed a start-up program within Destiny for the US region entitled “Women’s Empowerment,” including growth strategies. As the Managing Director, I dealt with business partners, managed and coached virtual teams, and utilized agile methods and tools (Asana). I engaged Early Adopters and adjusted the program based on the market feedback.

? Recruited and built a team of volunteers to drive the successful delivery of a start-up service for women’s professional and personal development. Managed the entire cycle within a virtual environment and through the utilization of Agile methodologies/tools, including the launch of the pilot phase.
? Conducted the research, prepared the strategy, built the business model, and executed the plan for the new service.

Director, Digital Solutions Carrier Commercial Refrigeration (United Technologies)
I was promoted to define and execute the company strategy for digital services provided to global customers, communicating project progress directly to the president and top executive management team. I analyzed our process deficiencies and customer demand, conducted extensive market, competitor, and technology research to select the best approach, and executed the roadmap for the approved strategy and business case.

? Directed build-out of a new Digital Solutions Center in Prague to provide digital services for global customers. Led an international, cross-functional team and key vendors in a complex project that involved the redesign of information systems and databases.
? Defined the new organizational structure, created business plans and forecasts, and oversaw staffing efforts for the new center that distinguished the company as a leading-edge service provider.

Business Relationship Managers Lead, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration (United Technologies)
I was promoted to lead a team of IT Business Relationship Managers in overseeing and triage the strategic project portfolio that supported 25+ business entities (with a primary focus on SAP implementation and integration). Because there was a disconnect between the business and IT operations, I spearheaded efforts to build a link between both and resolve prior issues.

Managing relationships between IT functions, top executive management, local business leaders, and key users, I contributed to the IT strategy management and delivery of crucial improvement initiatives

? Proposed and delivered innovation solution for business-critical system integration that had previously failed. Gained approval from management for approach and oversaw successful execution using Agile methodologies. Acknowledged by upper management as a major success story for the company.
? Served as a key member of an international project to redesign the company’s factory footprint, including complex, full factory migrations (running on SAP) that required deep knowledge across systems, integration, automation, and business acumen.
? Functioned as a member of the Extended Management team (first female from a non-HR function); additionally, identified as one of the key company talents.

Business Process Manager for Sales and Distribution, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration (United Technologies)
I was brought in to this position to harmonise sales and distribution processes across 7 major European locations and reverse a previously unsuccessful attempt. Our goal was to achieve a profitability increase and cost savings through process automation solutions. In this position, I reported to top executive management and the directors of all 7 business entities.
As part of the initiative, I defined CRM system changes and oversaw their implementation, aiming at customer satisfaction increase and margin control improvements. I planned and designed an SAP integration between sales companies and manufacturing facilities in order to increase customer satisfaction and reduced costs due to digitalization.

? Spearheaded SAP implementation project with 50+ project team members in 4 countries including customization, developments, testing, data migrations, user training, and organization redesign efforts.
? Played key role in helping the company achieve profitability goals by bringing transparency and efficiency to processes as well as spearheading system automation and integration.
? Created IT Business Analyses methodology and process documentation standard that was adopted company-wide.
? Became part of the next-generation talent group as a result of contributions.

Consulting Division Director
Reporting directly to CEOs and the owner, I developed internal processes and an inspiration program, including the recruitment and mentoring of team members. I directed multiple sales activities, including purchasing, bidding, and relationship administration. Additionally, I oversaw quality assurance for all projects and functioned as a project manager or senior consultant for projects to key customers.

? Built a new management advisory unit, subsequently exceeding business goals that pertained to revenues and profitability.
? Successfully completed an average of 10 projects annually in a timely fashion, remaining within budget parameters.
? Managed a car dealership network improvement project and achieved profitability, customer satisfaction index and repair quality index goals. Served as an interim trainer and coach to prepare the car dealership network for market entry of new car models; achieved customer satisfaction as a result.
? Applied Business Dynamics method to lead the banking executive management team in order to redesign their strategy as a response to market changes.
? Led efforts to prepare merger of companies. Provided process and IT systems analyses/plans for their integration and managed cost optimization project for hospitals.

Business Process Management Consultant
I researched markets and identified potential clients, then created and presented offers to client’s executive management teams based on their needs.

? Analysed statistical data and created a computer simulation model to calculate sizing for dispatching control unit of electricity distributor as a major part of a company merge risk management initiative.
? Defined and delivered methodology on implementing SAP based on business process model that was recognized as a major competitive advantage, generating further sales activities as a result.
? Applied the Business Dynamics method to lead executive management workshops for defining a new business strategy as a response to company ownership change.

Consulting Analyst
As a Consulting Analyst, I provided expertise and support to client companies on various matters.

? Analysed potential growth strategic scenarios for a telecommunication company and provided recommendations for their implementation.
? Defined operating and ITIL-compliant processes for a newly-built international data center of a major bank institution.
? Analysed process models in ARIS and Casewise tools in order to achieve cost savings and process improvements.
? Provided project management training for a telecommunications operator.