Richard (Rich) Platt, previously worked as a Program Manager and Senior Instructor of Innovation Methods at Intel Corporation, as a part of a corporate global innovation initiative training 850+ engineers, PM’s and scientists, as well as recruiting and training a core cadre of 13 Intel instructors from the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East in systematic innovation methods, delivering $212.5M in ROI. Rich and the team were awarded the Intel Manufacturing Excellence Award – the highest award that one can receive at Intel, as well as personally receiving 5 different divisional recognition awards for his work.

Working at Intel for 10 years in manufacturing, operations, R&D, technology development, and IT, specific roles were; Mfg. Engr., Technology Development PM, NPI Manager, Program Manager, Project Manager, and Projects Leader (leading other engineers on key projects).

He holds two US patents, and multiple defensive publications.

He has achieved certifications as a Level 3 TRIZ Expert, DFSS / LSS Greenbelts and the title of “Innovation Master”.

Since 2006 he’s led the Strategy + Innovation Group LLC (S+IG) focusing on assisting OEMs and SMEs build innovative core competencies with special emphasis on Advanced Complex Problem solving, developing IP Management Strategies, Innovation Management frameworks, and creating and leading custom Innovation Training.

His specialty, in the TRIZ community, is corporate strategy and the use of innovation management tactics, corporate integration of systematic innovation methods and combining different continuous improvement methods for raising the top and bottom line performance of companies, and individuals.

Rich holds a BS in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and hopes to get a Ph.D. in Engineering Management of Technology. Currently, he’s working on publishing a book on corporate strategy and innovation tactics practically applied in the corporate environment.