Mark Annunziata, Sr. PMP
15680 Meadow Wood Dr, Wellington, Fl 33414
Phone 561-801-4903, E-Mail: [email protected]

Senior Project Manager | Senior Projects Director
An articulate and agile professional with over 20 years of experience spanning high-scope, high-budget, and high-stakes construction projects across the public and private sectors. Owns the expertise for facilitating massive staff-restructurings and removing all redundancies to build high-performing teams. Spearheads full-scale project management, astutely analyzing plans to spot inefficiencies, fix structural errors and minimize costs. Facilitate complete project turn-around, taking charge of under-performing projects and turning them profitable in record time. Champion an uncompromised commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring all standards are being met by the field personnel. A true leader who continually works to build capabilities of teams under him and ensures steep growth and performance trajectories.

SKILL AREAS: Strategic Planning ?Project Management ?Safety & Regulatory Compliance ?Quality Management ? Talent Acquisition and Development ? Contract Negotiations ? Project Document Controls?Training& Mentoring?Stakeholder Management ? Vendor Management ? Team Building ?Project Turn-Around
? Serve as a testifying expert and contribute advisory and expert services in legal proceedings, aiding construction industry claims resolution.
? Conduct analyses for cost reports, change orders, schedules, contracts, and general construction project records. Leverage insights and findings in reports for use in dispute resolution.
? Engage in carrying out Investigations on entitlement and quantification of time and money claims. Facilitate Compliance, accounting and auditing support, and expert testimony.

CORTLAND BUILD, ATLANTA, GEORGIA (Apr 2018 – Nov 2018)?VP of Quality
7-45 million USD multi family Projects

? Upheld impeccable commitment to high quality and safety standards by spearheading the development of quality control/quality assurance and safety departments within the organization.
? Examined constructability, precon, detailed designs, leading execution teams across a sizeable territory, spread throughout the south-east.
? Promoted collaboration with internal and external stakeholders to maintain consistent quality standards across the supply chain. Accountable for the relentless execution of improvement strategy.
? Ensured that the organization was trained to the highest standards of quality excellence and technical competency utilizing best in class processes and practices.

SAUDI ARAMCO, AZMEEL, DAMMAM, SAUDI ARABIA (Apr 2016 – Apr 2018)?Senior Projects Director/VP
266 Exec Home Development 225 Million USD

? Facilitated a complete project turnaround (Residential Fast-Track Project valued at $225M), restoring the firm’s reputation and aiding client retention. Engaged in massive-scale staff migration, termination and hiring to on-board high-performing members that could successfully deliver on KPIs.
? Within 3 months of staff re-alignment, successfully took grading completion from a stagnant 25% to 75% completion, completing the Underground Utilities by 25% whilst maintaining an exemplary installation speed of 4 concrete slabs per night. (Project was 6 months behind schedule upon arrival.)
? Facilitated seamless change-management post massive re-alignment, recovering $20M in costs and boosting billings by 10M per month.
? Was promoted to “Project Director” within 9 months of initiating significant project turnarounds, accompanied with a merit increase in pay and contract bonus. As Project Director – Spearheaded 5 massive-budget projects (valued at $1.2B), providing direct leadership to over 12,700 workers.

PARSONS CORPORATION, YANBU, KSA (Apr2013 – Jun 2015)?General Contractor and Authorized Rep. of the Governor 33 story High Rise 225+ Million USD

? Onboard New Team Members to provide assistance for the turn-around of a highly crucial project undertaken for the local governor – total site development for new municipality offices, luxury offices and suites for the local prince (High Rise Valued at $225M).
? Took the reins of a project behind schedule and heading backward due to basic operational inefficiencies and reinstated forward movement and improvements.
? Undertook major restructuring within the firm to hire and develop high-performing, vertical—built teams of Subject Matter Experts, Architects, Quality Control Engineers, Construction Managers, and Support Staff.
? Within 3 months of taking charge of the project, enabled significant improvements, seamless operations – improving team-efficiency to manage to pour 5000cm of Concrete per Week.
? Leveraged value-engineering to enable savings of $5M and achieved the Schedule Performance Index of 1 within the first year.
? Liaised with Prime Contractor, providing detailed design blueprints and inputs. Ensured unfaltering compliance with all regulatory and policy framework, successfully answering all Requests for approval.
? Scrutinized design plans and conducted contractibility reviews, spotting and fixing pain-points; spotted major design failure and structural issues in building plans, on-boarded a new structural engineer to resolve the issue.
? Championed the highest commitment to safety standards, maintaining an unbeaten safety record.
? Engaged in the development and execution of training programs to equip inexperienced staff with relevant capabilities; spearheaded lectures and shadow activities for a batch of 50 Engineers.
? Ensured acquisition of LEED Silver Certification by internally training 12 LEED certified engineers.
? Supervised specific point goals and strategies as Project Owner for USGBC account. Called the shots on hiring a 3rd Party Commissioning Agent firm.
? Augmented existing Quality Control Program by instating selective hiring procedures to onboard skilled engineers in massive numbers to manage growth in Project Scope and Area.
? Achieved massive raises in compensation, along with performance-based bonuses. (Compensation rose from 220k to 262k at the end of SY).

USACE-ACI, HELMUND, AFGHANISTAN (Oct 2011 –Feb 2013)?Senior Project Executive New Base
40 Million USD ---33 Buildings including Living, dining, teaching, fuel and vehicle repair facilities

? Spearheaded Project Management activities for an Afghan National Army Base (War Zone – valued at $40M).
? Took reins of a project that was 6 months behind schedule, with no approved billings and zero concrete installed. Enabled massive-scale improvements, restructured the team, recrafted PMP and PEP and facilitated a complete turnaround in record time.
? Attracted $2M every 2 weeks in approved billings within 6 weeks of project management.
? Revamped major structural and utilities to ensure timely project completion. Enabled a more efficient supply-chain, adding $2M in saved costs whilst maintaining an unfaltering commitment to the highest safety standards.
? Engaged in a thorough vetting of all potential contractors and vendors to ensure uncompromised quality and timely execution.
Jan 1995 – Dec 2010: Roman Structures Consulting and General Contracting, Wellington, FL?President

Bachelor of Arts: Accounting/Teaching | Hamilton College, Clinton, NY

Technical Skills: Outlook, Project, Office, Primavera

Certifications: PMP Certification, Florida Certified General Contractor, Florida Certified Roof Contractor, Fl. Certified Home Inspector, Mass Super License, OSHA Certs

Memberships: Member of the Project Management Institute || PMI South Florida Chapter, Inc.