1) KonKuk University, Seoul, Korea
Department: Chemical Engineering
Degree: M.S.
Major: Transport Phenomena and Energy Engineering
Thesis: "Effect of Particle Distribution on Entrainments in Fixed Bed Fluidization”
2) KonKuk University, Seoul, Korea
Major: Chemical Engineering

06/2011 - Current: Engineering Manager
Samsung Construction & Trading
• Roy Hill Iron Ore Project/PKG1(Mine Site), Australia
• LNG Canada Tank Proposal, Canada
• KNPC TGTU UNIT 99 Project, Kuwait
• Chihuahua Pipeline Proposal, Mexico
• Medyan Gas Processing Facility Proposal, Saudi Arabia

04/2002 – 05/2011: Engineering Manager/Project Control Manager
Posco Engineering Company
• Long An LPG Terminal Project, Vietnam
• Ruwais Refinery Expansion Project, UAE
• Upgrading of Ogbanibiri Flowstation Project, Nigeria
• Isobutene Plant Construction Project, Korea
• LPG Tank & Conversion of Existing No.2 C3 Tanks to C4 Tanks Project, Qatar

01/1997 – 03/2002 Process Engineer
Cheil Engineering
• Residue Recovery & Itaconic Acid Plant Project, Korea
• Oil Storage Tank and Truck Terminal Project, Korea
• Natural Gas Metering System Test and Calibration Facility Project, Korea
• WWT VOC Removal Project, Korea
• DOP Plant Project, Korea