David Kachoui is the Director of Business Development at Natech Plastics, a provider of design, development, and manufacturing services for products with injection molded plastics. Through a career that spanned food services, retail, entertainment, non-profit, financial services, and manufacturing, he identified a common weakness of management across industries. He began devouring books and texts on management theory and expert managers to design an overarching management framework and a learning plan to develop managers toward mastery. He has been implementing this plan in his current role with the idea that a better managed company holds the strategic advantage over the long term.

Previously David ran North American Electronic Receivables at Citibank and was Project Manager for Smith Barney’s Corporate Client Group. He has written articles on quality management for Quality Progress Magazine, holds PMP certification, and holds an MBA from Columbia University. He is an avid runner, a member of the New York Road Runners, and regular participant in the New York City Marathon.