Dr Reza Mokarram Aydenlou
Member of
- P.h.D.,P.E,C.Eng,S.E,M,ASCE

PH.D., of structure engineering New York International University of Technology
PH.D., student of Project management and construction , London business and engineering school

Thesis: Using a genetic algorithm for improving the energy absorbed by optimization floors distribution stiffness pattern in concrete moment frames structure.

Master of structural engineering: Uremia University of technology
Thesis: Stiffness distribution pattern analysis of functional elements using genetic algorithms in structural frames so that all elements in the plastic hinge structure to be created in accordance with the expected performance.

(a) BOOK
October 2011 Steel structure buildings seismic rehabilitation concepts and examples
Pub: Tehran: Science in Civil Engineering: 802 Pages - ISBN: 978-600-5176-13-1

October 2011 Masonry building seismic rehabilitation concepts and practical examples
Pub: Tehran: Science in Civil Engineering: 693 Pages -ISBN: 978-600-5176-12-4

October 2011 Concrete structure buildings seismic rehabilitation concepts and examples
Science in Civil Engineering: 867 Pages -ISBN: 978-600-5176-11-7

July 2017 optimize the distribution pattern of the bending stiffness of the frames using a genetic algorithm to improve the energy absorbed by applying a linear relative lateral displacement of the diaphragm
Pub: GAEN 174 page –ISBN: 978-600-97485-3-2

August 2017 Design of industrial building with practical example
Pub: Lohe Mahfouz 216 page –ISBN: 978-600-8000-76-1

(b) Paper submitted for publication in refereed journals
Spring 2011 Seismic rehabilitation of existing buildings of masonry material, retrofitting and Rehabilitation journal ISSN: 2322-2670

Fall 2011 Seismic rehabilitation of Style At the foundation level of the superficial and deep, retrofitting and rehabilitation journal ISSN: 2322-2670

Summer 2012 Seismic Evaluation Component Non-structural masonry in building, retrofitting and rehabilitation journal ISSN: 2322-2670

Winter 2014 Seismic design of concrete diaphragm cord and collector on a concrete slab,
Retrofitting and rehabilitation journal ISSN: 2322-2670

(c) Conference Proceedings
March 13, 2011 Festival elite "national stability construction" in the field of structural (Iran-Tehran)
Paper oral present: A quick survey of the seismic vulnerability of building structures
Paper oral present: Style vulnerability assessment structures at the foundation level by level of expected performance.
May 2- 4, 2012 4th International conference on Seismic retrofitting
(Iran – Tabriz)
Paper oral present: Instruction for quickly analyzing the level of performance in foundation (nonlinear analysis)
May 5-7., 2015 10th International congress on civil engineering
(Iran – Tabriz)
Paper poster present: The method for analyzing the impact of seismic reinforcement chord and collector of the diaphragm on the rigidity of the concrete slab
May 28, 2015 2th National Congress Construction engineering and project assessment
(Iran – SEMNAN)
Paper oral present: Evaluate and compare the performance level of average strength concrete frame systems Designed with Iranian National Building Code Regulations 2800 and Section 9th regulations
December 1, 2015 International conference on science and engineering
Paper Poster present: The introduction of a simplified model for nonlinear behavior of the structure foundation for seismic rehabilitation
December 15, 2015 CIVIL Engineering, Architecture and Urban management and Sustainable
(Iran-Tehran) Environment

Paper oral present: Evaluation and compare the performance level of concrete structures intermediate moment frame system which is designed in accordance with the regulation criteria ACI31899 and UBC 97
18 - 20 May 2016 International conference on Sustainable Design, Engineering and Construction (Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ)

Accept Abstract
(321)Compare the performance level of facades structure curtain wall in comparison with the performance level of high-rise tower
(322) Assessment and review distribution stiffness of performance level concrete structures intermediate moment frame system that is designed accordance with the regulations ACI318-99 and UBC97
(323) Improve pattern distribution stiffness structural floors in steel structure due to expected seismic performance of structures

June 20-22, 2016 International Conference on Sustainable Civil Engineering
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Paper Poster present: Evaluation effect of masonry wall infill to seismic performance level of steel intermediate moment frame structure at the middle of Alpine-Himalayan earthquake belt


Technical member of the Bureau
Duties in some important project (part time)

• Seismic rehabilitation
• Structure design

Technical member of the Bureau
Duties in some important project (Full time-8:00 TO 16:00)

• Define Access database method for project control
• Design the concrete structure for main office of company

Agu2007-May2009 BEHSAZLARZEH LARZEH AZARBAYJAN Consulting Engineers CO
Seismic retrofit and structural design engineer
Duties in some important project (Part time)

• Seismic rehabilitation engineer more than 8 structure
• Structure design

May2008-nov2011 ARYA SAZEH ARG Consulting Engineers CO
Seismic retrofit and structural design engineer
Duties in some important project (part time)

• Seismic rehabilitation engineer more than 40 structure
• Structure design

May2008-present ELME OMRAN publishing
Duties in some important project (part time)

• Author
• Define retrofit department
Nov2011-May2012 TAHA Consulting Engineers CO
Head of structural design Department and project manager
Duties in some important project (Full time - 8:00 TO 16:00)
• Design the high-rise Tower and project manager
• Design structure
May2012 -Present PERMAYON Advanced Strengthening Co
Head of structural design Department and project manager
Duties in some important project (Full time - 8:00 TO 16:00)

• Design Steel and concrete structure for high-rise building
• Seismic rehabilitation of building structure and railway bridge
• Management the quality of IMS for project
• Evaluation and control other technical civil and structure engineering in company

2010 Mass Housing Administration statue at the first International Conference
2011 Festival elite "national stability" in the field of structural
2014 Top lecturer award Software Conference Open sees

2014 Performance level design of steel structure, Department of education ELMEOMRAN
2015 Seismic rehabilitation of buildings, Iranian National Gas Company headed by Consulting Engineers PERMAYON Co.
2015 Nonlinear behavior of steel structure, Department of education ELMEOMRAN


2012 4th international conference on seismic retrofitting
Iran,2-4 may 2012
technical workshop title
Applicant seismic retrofitting and rehabilitation of buildings

Hall : A from Iran
2013 5th Symposium on architecture and construction
Ideas to Implementation
Iran , January 24, 2013
technical workshop title
Project management in residential towers

2014 1th Conference of the software open sees
Iran,22 may 2014
technical workshop title
The practical use of complementary software navigator
in open sees

2015 Assistant university professor
Iran,10 Feb 2015 ,10 June 2015
Education and assistant professor in training for students. Theory of elasticity

Software name Grade of skill
Microsoft Office collection known professionally, word, excel, access, power point professional
CSI software such as ETABS, SAP, SAFE professional
MATLAB (matrix laboratory) Good
Open sees, Earthquake Engineering Simulation is a software framework for simulating the seismic response of structural and geotechnical systems Good
Visual basic 6.0 professional
Auto cad known
Windows 8 known
Adobe company software such as Photoshop, Acrobat, Flash
MSP, Microsoft office project software

2008 Controlling the activities of the project with access 2007 and module.
2010 Industrial structure design LRFD method with VB 6 and MDB database programming and
Submit with Iran's Supreme Council of Information
2012 Management and control of construction projects with VB 6 and MDB database
Programming and submit with Iran's Supreme Council of Information
2013 Control slope of the way with VB6 programming


2009 Retrofitting building at the IEES , 72-hour training with a comprehensive exam and thesis
2010 Real sate development at the Sharif and Stockholm University, 48-hour training
2012 Project management of PMI, 100-hour training with a comprehensive exam and thesis
2013 Design Space Structures, 24-hour training,
2013 Rehabilitation non structure building according to FEMA 356, 12-hour training,
2013 Design to protect structures against fire.12-hour training,
2013 HSE.12-hour training,
2015 Building Structures and Sustainability (AWI111511) -ASCE webinar
2015 An Introduction to ASCE 7-10 Wind Loads - Part I of III (AWI011211) -ASCE
2015 An Introduction to ASCE 7-10 Wind Loads - Part II of III (AWI012711) -ASCE
2015 An Introduction to ASCE 7-10 Wind Loads - Part III of III (AWI0218112) -ASCE
2015 Advanced Topics in the Seismic Design of Non-Building Structures & Non-Structural Components to ASCE 7-10 (AWI080213) -ASCE
2016 Petrographic Analysis of Concrete Deterioration (AWI091913) -ASCE
2016 Curved Glass Design and Applications (AWI121214) -ASCE
2016 Design Snow Loads for Complex Residential Roofs (AWI102615)-ASCE
2016 Design of Reinforced Concrete Liquid Structures (AWI091112)-ASCE
2016 Structural Thermal Bridging in the Building Envelope (AWI103111)-ASCE
2016 Attended the Introduction to Site CEM-Tran soft solution
2016 Attended the Introduction to Road CEM-Tran soft solution
2017 Project Team and People Management - Part II of II (AWI0211112) -ASCE
2017 Project Team and People Management - Part I of II (AWI0125112) -ASCE
2017 Time Management: A Roles and Goals Approach to Life Balance (AWI042811)-ASCE
2017 Quality Management in the Design Organization (AWI072011)-ASCE
2017 10 Tips for Winning Federal Business (AWI092713)-ASCE
2017 Retaining Wall Design for Railroad Applications -AREMA
2017 Design & Construction of Highway/Railway Grade Crossings –AREMA

Linked in course support
2017 Seismic Assessments and Strategies
2017 Monitoring Dust in California's Salton Sea Sensing and Verifying the Effectiveness of Engineering Treatments
2017 Recommendations for Bioretention Media Qualification
2017 Cert Prep: AutoCAD Certified Professional
2017 Learning Logo Design
2017 Critical Thinking
2017 AutoCAD: Designing Dynamic Blocks
2017 Graphic Design Foundations: Typography
2017 Project Management Foundations
2017 Color for Design and Art
2017 Design & Construction of Highway/Railway Grade Crossings
2017 Process Improvement Foundations
2017 Introduction to Graphic Design
2017 Revit Structure 2013 Essential Training
2017 Graphic Design Foundations: Layout and Composition
2017 Graphic Design Careers: First Steps
2017 AutoCAD Customization for CAD Managers
2017 Introducing Illustrator
2017 Learning BIM 360 Glue
2017 Introducing Photoshop: Design
2017 Revit Architecture: Advanced Modeling
2017 InDesign Quick Start
2017 BIM Manager: Managing Revit
2017 Aaron Draplin Takes On a Logo Design Challenge
2017 Enhancing Collaboration to Improve Steel Building Project Efficiency
2017 New Manager Foundations
2017 Building Customer Loyalty
2017 Attended the introduction to road CEM
2017 Leading Productive One-on-One Meetings
2017 Structural Steel Fabrication Package: A Paradigm Shift
2017 Change Management
2017 Crisis Communication
2017 Leading Change
2017 Become a Graphic Designer
2017 Excel 2013 Essential Training
2017 Organization Communication
2017 Developing a Competitive Strategy
2017 Managing Teams
2017 Leading with Emotional Intelligence
2017 Excel 2013: Charts in Depth
2017 Influencing Others
2017 Modeling Courageous Leadership: Intelligent Disobedience
2017 Learning to Say No
2017 Leading with Applied Improv
2017 Discovering Your Strengths
2017 Sallie Krawcheck on Risk-Taking
2017 Building Your Professional Network
2017 Gary Hamel on Busting Bureaucracy
2017 Avoiding Burnout
2017 Mindfulness
2017 Risk-Taking for Leaders
2017 Building Self-Confidence
2017 Differentiate Your Firm or Organization with Rapid Conceptual Modeling in Real- World Environment
2017 Learning Online Marketing
2017 Public Speaking
2017 Negotiation
2017 Customer Service Foundations
2017 Coaching and Developing Employees
2017 Executive Leadership
2017 Bill George on Self Awareness Authenticity and Leadership
2017 Delegating Tasks to Your Team
2017 Leadership Foundations
2017 Combining AutoCAD Civil 3D and Infraworks 360 for Improved Civil Infrastructure Design Workflows
2017 Leadership Insights from Dan Rockwell
2017 Performance Review Foundations
2017 Attended the introduction to SITE CEM
2017 Project Management Foundations: Schedules
2017 Microsoft Project 2016 Essential Training
2017 Improving Your Judgment
2017 Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh on Creating an Alliance with Employees
2017 Customer Service: Creating Customer Value
2017 Project Management for Creative Projects
2017 Advanced Microsoft Project
2017 Agile Project Management with Microsoft Project
2017 Mathematica 11 Essential Training
2017 Thought Leadership
2017 Enhancing Your Productivity
2017 Leading Productive Meetings
2017 Achieving Your Goals
2017 Decision-Making Strategies
2017 Learning Personal Branding
2017 Developing Your Leadership Philosophy
2017 Insights from a Project Manager
2017 Thinking Like a Leader
2017 Understanding the Impact of Pipe Stiffness on Long-Term Deflections
2017 Creating an Effective Resume (2011)
2017 100-Year Bridges-Design Practices and Performance Benefits of Hot-Dip galvanized Steel
2017 Getting Things Done
2017 Building Trust
2017 Logistics Foundations
2017 Dr. Kit Miyamoto Lessons from the Earthquake Zone
2017 Designing Dam Embankments with Articulating Concrete Block Systems
2017 Revit Structure 2016 Essential Training
2017 Advancing Civil Infrastructure Design Workflows
2017 Project Management Foundations: Teams
2017 Delivering Employee Feedback
2017 Where to Focus: Weaknesses or Strengths?
2017 Organizing Your Office for Maximum Efficiency
2017 Communication Tips Weekly
2017 Efficient Time Management
2017 Job Search Strategies
2017 Hiring Your Team
2017 Acing Your Interview
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2017 Teamwork
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2017 Overcoming Procrastination
2017 Agile Project Management Foundations
2017 Excel 2013: Advanced Formulas and Functions
2017 Excel 2013: Pivot Tables
2017 Business Analytics: Prescriptive Analytics
2017 Wayne Winston on Analytics
2017 Managing Virtual Teams
2017 Motivating and Engaging Employees
2017 Time Management Fundamentals
2017 Managing Your Time
2017 AutoCAD 2013: Data Management
2017 Supply Chain Foundations
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2017 Mathematical 10: Advanced Analysis
2017 Learning MATLAB
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2017 Setting up Your Mobile Office to Work from Anywhere
2017 Advanced Seismic Analysis “What You Need To Know!
2017 Betty Liu on Career Success
2017 Going Paperless: Start to Finish
2017 Certificate of Achievement
2017 Become a Civil Engineering CAD Technician
2017 Cert Prep: Revit Structure Certified Professional
2017 Keynote '09 Essential Training
2017 Learning Blue beam
2017 AutoCAD 2017 Essential Training
2017 Business Analysis Foundations
2017 AutoCAD: 3D Surface Model Design
2017 Learning Auto LISP & Visual LISP
2017 InfraWorks Essential Training
2017 Civil 3D Essential Training
2017 AutoCAD Civil 3D: Designing Gravity Pipe Systems
2017 AutoCAD Civil 3D: Intersecting New Roads with Existing Roads
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2017 Project Management Foundations: Communication
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2017 Project Management Foundations: Ethics
2017 Creating Concrete Buildings with Revit Structure
2017 Managing for Results
2017 Project Management Foundations: Stakeholders
2017 CH2M Fair Hurst Joint Venture Helps Make Scottish Highway Design a Reality with the Help of Reality Modeling
2017 Construction Management: Concrete Construction
2017 Operations Management Foundations
2017 Project Management Foundations: Change
2017 Steel Building Design with SOLIDWORKS Weld ments
2017 Project Management Foundations: Budgets
2017 Communication
2017 Project Management Foundations: Procurement
2017 Lean Six Sigma Foundations
2017 Project Management Foundations: Integration

Civil engineering skill
Retrofitting the building according FEMA codec
Performance level design of structure according AISC and FEMA CODEC
Health monitoring of structure
Management Team working for civil engineering

2016-Present SEI-ASCE
2014–Present American civil engineering society
2006- Present Iranian civil engineering society
2007- Present Iranian earth quack engineering society
2008- Present Iranian project management engineering society

Reading writing and speaking knowledge of English and persian and speaking azary.

2007-2008 Consulting Engineers Behsaz Larzeh as retrofitting and Structure design and Tehran branch management and then as part time employment .
2008-present Consulting Engineers Arya Sazeh Arg as retrofitting structure Eng part time employment
2009-present TIVA construction company as LSF structure Eng employment part time
2010-2013 Consulting Engineers TAHA as project management and manager of structure design department
2013-2014 Establishment of Consulting Engineers Mokarram+Partners and Consortium with Azar Toranj Novin company
2014-present Permayon-Head of structural design and retrofit

Important project

Retrofitting 70 schools as LS performance level for School Renovation Organization of Iran.
Such as Tehran , Tabriz, Urmia , Isfehan, Zahedan, Kermanshah , Mazandaran

Design structure of tall building and tower
Structure Design Sohank zomorod tower in Tehran area - 22000m2
Structure Design Persian nosh Tabriz factory area -20000m2
Structure Design urmia tower area -70000m2
Structure Design karimi Pastry Karimi branch Julfa -10000m2
Structure Design LSF urban building about 200000m2

Project management

Olampyc tower (100000Sqm-36floor)
Red Crescent emergency air evacuation
International Airport Bushehr assistant project manager.
Maragheh Urmia rail project controls