Growth-oriented digital marketer with a passion for content marketing, social media marketing wonders, conversion rate optimization, and keyword research. I strongly support permission marketing and earned media. More than anything, I love working with online communities in order to find new and unique ways to develop businesses through growth hacking.

I have embarked on the odyssey of online marketing because of a passion for social media, viral content, psychology, writing, and advertising. I am Inbound certified and I love participating in industry discussions that can help me develop the company I'm working for and this industry.

I am an ambitious and hard-working person with a great attention to details. I want to learn everything to develop myself further.

It is my purpose to drive businesses forward. My ultimate goal is to successfully develop must-follow social media accounts, to create an engaged community of followers, and to increase inbound traffic.
I love a great story and an unplanned adventure. I am also obsessed with LinkedIn and will probably convince you to join if you haven’t already.

Current dream: becoming a brand evangelist that can efficiently increase brand awareness without using paid advertising methods

What I am most passionate about when it comes to my work: being able to become an influencer and to use this opportunity to promote a brand in such a way that it would to optimize their web presence and maximize their returns from online channels