With more than 30 years of expertise across a number of business verticals, Sudhir Choudhrie has thoroughly earned his name and reputation. After starting off with several challenges at a young age, including a heart defect that threatened his very life, he kept his fierce determination to succeed. It doesn't take very much research to see where his dedication and commitment got him. 

After spending his formative years in India, he was fascinated by the Indian export markets. Sudhir used his knowledge to start Adidas Indian Trading, a company that helped establish a network of 180 stores throughout the country. Sudhir was also able to open up state-of-the-art Adidas manufacturing facilities, a move that infused the Indian economy with new life. He also invested in the first budget airline in India, which grew from a single plane to millions of passengers in just five years. 

From real estate to hospitality to aviation, Choudhrie has founded businesses, established partnerships, and connected people around the globe. His hunger and passion can be seen in everything he does, especially now that he's helping other businesses grow in this demanding economy. Sudhir's clients look to him for advice because they know they can trust him to give accurate insights that drive to the heart of their mission statement. 

Living in London, Sudhir has a wife and two children. He's survived a successful heart transplant. He's participated in numerous successful business transactions, and he's learned something from each defeat and every victory. His versatility has led him to have a wide range of knowledge about how people work, why certain companies thrive, and which values lead to the best results. Choudhrie has learned how to use weakness to his advantage, and he's there to help his clients do the same. 

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