Create Business Case
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Align Deliverables with Strategic Business Objectives
Plan effective deliverables by analyzing existing conditions and resources
Enroll Sponsors
Perform stakeholder analysis, network using active listening, gain knowledge of key project expectations as it relates to business strategy. Understand project constraints, shape deliverables and work to manage stakeholder expectations.
Have a high success rate in getting project charters approved by sponsors.
Quantify Financial and Organizational Benefits
Prepared Business Case for the proposed Project by defining the tangible and intangible benefit of it. The benefit specific to the Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Quality.
Identify Project Team Member Requirements and Critical Knowledge Sources
I have good skills to identify the team based on many selection criteria based on all previous experiences
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Determine Key Risk Factors and Failure Indicators
Engage in upfront historic research, document analysis, stakeholder classification and expectations, and study enterprise environmental factors to identify key risk sources, potential, and impact.
Document "politically correct" risk factors and failure indicators, and identify safe methods of communicating and planning for undocumented risks.
Develop Project Assumptions
I assume failure is a part of project so keeping this is a factor in mind work on any project to avoid it effectively in advance.
Determine Return on Investment (ROI)
ROI is an important factor which I used one of the basic criteria for gaining successful project delivery and ensure it is advance.
Document Business Case
I give utmost importance to develop/use document business case
Present Business Case
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Prepare for Business Case Presentation
Work to understand my client properly before doing my presentations.
I consider client's work culture, client's project management orientation, and use my presentations to proffer quality and realistic approach/solutions to meeting client's needs.
Engage in as much networking and pre presentation stakeholder analysis as possible. Also, work to identify potential "supporters" early and engage them for inputs to the presentation as much as possible.
Review and Refine Presentation with Sponsors
Talk about your experiences and what makes you successful. Is there a special technique that you use on this stage step or task? What have you learned? What is the impact on the organization?
Present Business Case for Project Approval and Funding
Work to incorporate a comprehensive 2-3 tier solution that all have a reasonable capacity for successful outcomes. This enables others to choose a direction based on the options available.
Also, when pitching an "unfamiliar" concept, try to provide as much "soak time" as possible. If possible, engage in multi tiered presentations and/or make presentations to sympathetic influencers and enlist their help to move the proposal upward for approval.
Define Project
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Determine Project Objectives
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Define Project Scope
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Define Project Products
have an experience of Oracle solutions presales, have a working experience of SAP, Oracle, 1C and other ERP\EPM solutions as a user.
Select Project Approach
Have experience in selecting organizational project management methods. A key factor to determine the right methodology has been the type of project or process being managed. With a vast array of frameworks and methodologies, narrowed down the approach based on specific criteria, including: project focus, customer and stakeholder involvement, industry, flexibility of timeline, allotted budget, number and type of teams working on the project, complexity of projects, resources needed versus resources available, scalability of project, resistance to change, rigidity of structure, specialization of roles, and start and end dates. Based on this information, established variables that drive the project and weigh them against the overall goals of the project. Determined the criteria that the methodology will impact, assessed all possible methodologies and decided which methodologies were most relevant to the project. Collaborated with other team members to weigh the decision, documented the chosen methodology to be implemented, and applied the methodology to the project. Monitored for progress and success.

Example: Leveraged selected project management methodologies through the use of project management software (Gannt charts, Kanban boards, and calendars with cross-project summary views and mobile accessibility).
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Make Project Plan
Have managed projects in large oil and gas companies where considerable "history" of similar project execution exists. In such scenarios, the preferred methods of managing the projects are to develop plans for auditing and accounting with the possibilities available in the company of the cadres of executives enough, and preliminary materials, sufficient pre-preparation and adequate cash.
I have also been successful in initiating and executing "boutique" projects with high impact potential. In such scenarios, a more "Agile", flexible, iterative, and "progressive elaboration" of deliverables based approach works well.
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Define Work Breakdown Structure
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Determine Activity Dependencies
Have led some projects where I have a sound understanding of the process from an individual contributor level, so an innate and intuitive understanding of the dependencies is available to me. In these cases I have supplemented my work with expert judgment as necessary to ensure alignment.
In other projects, I have sought to engage expert judgment extensively and delved in iterative planning processes to work out the nature of dependency to discern potential crashing or fast tracking options.
Estimate Effort
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Schedule Activities
Have worked on and led many projects in the last 11 years. With time and experience I have developed an innate ability to identify the risk and plan accordingly.
Refine Project Risk Assessment
It is mandatory for refine risk assessment after finding solutions for the risks and make the risk nullify or minimize to the best possible. In deep water drilling, continuous risk monitoring, auditing, and asking about risk status in meetings is the core job of the prospect development team lead, viz. the project manager. When a risk event or a trigger occurs, I have engaged and ensured the previously identified risk owner is taking the appropriate previously identified steps to mitigate the risk and find out if additional measures, modification of approach, etc. is necessary.
Obtain Project Plan Approval
Once project plan is completed with detailed step by step activities for each stakeholder, plan is communicated to everyone for review and input, after which a sign-off is done.
to achieve this i ensure project scope and requirement is clearly define and signed off by all stakeholders.
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Present Project Plan
I have good presentation skills
Agree to Project Plan
Once project scope is defined and all the risks are identified and methods to mitigate are agreed with all stake holders, it is important to make a detailed project plan from the start till finish of the project considering all the holidays, delays due to various reasons like weather, delays in supply of materials and other potential factors based on experience in previous or similar projects
Activate Project
The planning of the project must first be carried out with the ability to predict the circumstances surrounding the project and the clear vision of the future work mechanism in the project and then the organization, where all resources available in the project must be organized and materialized for the best performance and then guidance and coordination in order to ensure To work in accordance with the plans and finally control the performance in order to correct deviations and ensure consistency of work to achieve the planned goal
Publicize Project
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Inform Stakeholders
I believe that communication is a serious KSF
Brief Participants
would make sure participant's understand all aspects of the project which would be outlined in presentation
Equip Project
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Train Project Team
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Control Project
Working as in Project Analysis, monitoring and controlling a project is very challenging. Starting from a assigning the project task as per RACI to track the progress, it gives me an extra challenge to implem ent the task as per plan by motivating the staffs. For any kind of delayduring this phase also lead to diagnose the situation and subsequently to react by using any corrective measure or defect repair which makes this stage most interesting
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Assign Project Tasks
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Resolve Resource Conflicts
I understand the overall project needs and remain informed of developments, so that I may forsee resource conflicts as soon as possible to begin resolving the conflict(s). After identifing the conflict and affected parties, I can determine who and/or what my next steps are to begin de-conflicting. I am very efficient in resolving conflicts in a timely manner with clear documentation to communicate to all affected parties the approved/agreed to final result/outcome.
Monitor Open Issues
I believe that a minor issue can become a big one if not being monitored right
Motivate Project Participants
Motivating project participants is best achieved by setting realistic goals, setting clear expectations, conducting regular review sessions (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly), praising small victories, working as hard or harder than other project team members, providing constant feedback, offering incentives (if possible), highlighting project benefits, foster strong relationships among all members, and find a way to allow each member to be in the spotlight.

Example: A key tactic I've used to help motivate other team members is to emphasize the link between personal and professional goals. When a project meets people's professional and personal needs, their commitment to the project's success becomes stronger. I've also given project team members a chance the opportunity to take on new responsibilities as part of their career development plan.
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Track Project Progress
As project manager, one of my most important responsibilities has been measuring progress on tasks. This helps team members to stay focused and meet goals, and helped me stay on top of what's happening in the workplace.
I have a good reputation for delivering results that meet expectations on budget, time, and quality.
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Diagnose Situation
with the right questions to the right people I can diagnose and give the correct solution and next step
Determine Corrective Actions
with the right questions to the right people I can diagnose and give the correct solution and next step
Revise Project Plan
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Prepare Completion Report
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Identify Lessons Learned
Earning, and maintaining stakeholder trust is the most important role of a project manager for successful project execution. Sometimes factors beyond the control of the manager can undermine trust and confidence. In such situations continued success depends on the project managers ability to maintain confidence in the project. In my career, I have learnt both from my successes and more importantly, from failures in this area.
It is important to recognize that one will win some, and lose some, but care must be taken to ensure that the right thing was done in the right way.
Turn Over Results
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