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Project Expertise

Justify Project
have a look at my recent book (free online) "#QuPlan - A Quantum of Planning" on project/programme/change management, on

or at my book on the business side of GDPR, (includes other articles on data-centric business)

About #QuPlan: In April 2015 I started publishing a fictional business case about a compliance programme, as a tool to support that book and others that will be published in 2015 and 2016.

The last episode was published in 2018
Create Business Case
Since the late 1980s I delivered management workshops and brainstorming sessions for Senior Managers, acting as a bridge between technology and busines

And worked on business cases across multiple industries
Present Business Case
Since late 1980s, along with project-based activities, I also worked on pre-sales engineering on management support technologies, including in multinational environments.

In each industry I worked on, the presentation of a business case was organized as a team effort- i.e. I might be the one defining the material and the overall presentation strategy, but involved relevant team members with the appropriate expertise
Plan Project
Defined projects and negotiated and wrote project plans since the late 1980s, both on IT and non-IT activities, including start-ups.
Activate Project
I "imported" in business my previous experiences in politics and sales on stakeholder expectations management and communication, including on both IT delivery-based projects and organizational/cultural/technological change activities, as well as audits on existing projects, portfolios, programs and suppliers
Control Project
since late 1980s I am used to work on multiple projects at the same time, since 1990 also officially as a project manager (including as a "shadow project/program/portfolio manager" when somebody else is officially in charge).

I am used to work with both physical teams and part-time on multiple projects, managing also virtual teams and outsourced or near-/off-shored resources.
End Project
First in late 1980s in support to a manager on a major roll-out for Andersen Consulting in Italy (banking), then as project manager, and also as a facilitator on programs and portfolios that needed to get back on track (e.g. crisis management and "recovery" projects, as well as negotiations).